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I received this email from Marni in Thousand Palms, CA., who asks, “Can hypnosis make me want to go to bed earlier?” Here is what she wrote:

“I read your post about sleep and that got me to thinking. Can hypnosis make me want to go to bed earlier? My problem isn’t that I can’t sleep, it’s just that I avoid sleep. I find so many other and more interesting things to do than going to bed. Once I go to bed, I’m asleep almost immediately and I wake up in the morning feeling rested.

I think it is just habit. I’m now in my 60’s but I remember as a little girl being up all hours of the night playing with my toys or listening to music. My Mom would get so mad at me.

Now, most nights, rather than going to bed I channel surf on the TV and social media sites on my phone.

Everyone is telling me that I need more sleep. I don’t think that lack of sleep is interfering with my life but I’ve read enough about the health effects that I’m willing to see if I can change.

Can you help me?”

Hypnosis can be very effective for behavior change

“Hi Marni,

Yes, hypnosis can be very effective for behavior change, including getting you to want to go to bed. Going to bed at a “healthy” hour can easily become your new habit.

But no, hypnosis can’t make you go to bed or do anything else – unless you want to. Hypnosis can help you to create the desire to go to bed earlier.

From what I read in your email, you won’t be giving up much by turning off the TV and your phone.

I think that you will find many benefits in your life from longer sleep. And, using the self-hypnosis tools that I teach you, you will continue to benefit throughout your life.

I will call you tomorrow so that I can answer any other questions that you may have and get you scheduled. This will also give me the opportunity to learn more about you.

My best wishes,


Problems getting to bed

Marni and I did talk the next day and scheduled her first session. 14 days after her first session, she realized that she was consistently turning off her phone, TV and lights one hour earlier than before she emailed me.

I will see her one more time in mid-July and she has set the intention to be in bed most nights by 11:00 PM which is a full 2 hours earlier that what she was doing when she first emailed me.

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