Change can be challenging on so many levels. I fully believe that with hypnosis you can make lasting, even permanent change. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be temped along the way to return to old thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Having lasting permanent change I believe comes with struggles.

I know that hypnosis can help make change easier and the likelihood of lasting and permanent change is greater with hypnosis than simply using your willpower. For most people, willpower only lasts so long and then it’s back to the old stuff.

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Here is an email that I chose for this week’s Ask Roger.


Ask Roger

“Roger, I’m so frustrated! I have worked really hard in my life at loving myself. I’ve been to all kinds of therapists and I really felt like the work that we did three years ago changed my life. In fact, it saved my life.

But now, I’m finding myself with some of those old thoughts and feelings of unlovable and not good enough and I’m petrified that I’m going to spiral down that black hole that I was in before.

Why can’t I ever get this? I’m feeling like such a failure.

What should I do? Can you help me?


Are you using your self-hypnosis?

I called Nancy and thanked her for reaching out to me and she gave me permission to use her question for “Ask Roger”.

It’s a great question and one that I suspect we have all had to grapple with throughout our life.

My first question to Nancy was, “are you using your self-hypnosis and the other tools that I had taught her. “Not really” was her sheepish reply.

There are several issues at play here:

  1. From my perspective we are always in trance and hypnosis is learning to take control of the trance you are in.
  2. One fairly consistent human behavior is to apply new tools and techniques to create change and then when we reach out Upper Limit – an upper level of comfort, we stop using the tools that helped create change and success and coast. The problem here is that the coast is usually downhill and into the old behaviors. And then we wonder why we’re in trouble again.
  3. When you are in that unlovable and not good enough place, you are in trance. Using self-hypnosis, you can move out of that trance into a trance of self-love and esteeming yourself highly.

From my perspective change does not occur in a straight line.

Change looks like this:


Check your pulse

Our stuff hits us in the face, we work though it and move on. And then we hit the wall again. Out issue is back in our face. We work through it, move on, and there it is again.

I know that there are teachings that tell you that you can overcome challenges like this for good. I’ve taken those classes and I’ve learned those techniques. But that doesn’t fit with my experience or the experience that I hear from Nancy and other people.

Check your pulse. If you still have one, you still have stuff – you still have issues to work through. You are living the human experience and that is a wonderful thing.

I think that when we hit these places of the old stuff being back in our face, school is back in session and we are ready for a deeper cut.

When this happens to look, look back at how far you have come. You aren’t at the beginning any more. You’ve come a long ways. And now you are ready for more growth and more learnings.

Hypnosis and the mindfulness techniques that I teach can help you with creating change in your life.

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I am now ready for more growth and for more learnings.

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