Hypnosis, meditation and prayer

What is the difference between hypnosis, meditation and prayer? This week’s Ask Roger question comes from Liz in Columbus, Ohio. She writes:

“Hi Roger

I’ve been using your Light Switch Self-hypnosis technique for almost a year now. It’s helped me manage my stress and anxiety both at work and at home with my family. And, six months ago, I lost 25 pounds without putting an ounce back on!

In recent weeks, I have found myself using self-hypnosis without using a suggestion. I just close my eyes, go to my happy place and breathe. And there are times that I give myself a suggestion and then find myself meditating.

Recently, I’ve found myself praying.

What is the difference between hypnosis, meditation and prayer?

BTW – I listen to Orange Blossom every night. Thank you for that. I sleep like a baby!


Liz that question is so exciting to me. It tells me that you truly are using self-hypnosis to work your process. I honor you for that!

Hypnosis, meditation and prayer

Same continuum

For many years now, I have told my clients and students that prayer, meditation and hypnosis are all on the same continuum. I do not believe that you can put them in three separate boxes. They are all shades of the same color.

For me, prayer is me talking to God. Meditation is me listening to God. And, hypnosis is me talking to me. Just as a pendulum swings, there I times I start out in prayer, drift to self-hypnosis and then to meditation – or any combination of these.

I encourage people to go with the flow and follow where they are led in their own process.

Please, don’t get ridged and stress because you drifted off when you were doing self-hypnosis. My belief is that you were doing what you needed to do at that time.

Thanks again Liz for the great question and I am happy that you too are an Orange Blossom sleeper!

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