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I received this email from Betty in Kearney, Nebraska, who asked about health coaching.

“Dear Roger,

I’m 79 years old and my granddaughter has begged me to contact you. She went to you when she was having cancer treatment.

I’m very active in my church and in my community and I live alone. My health has not been the best this past year. I know that I have been eating poorly, my joints ache and my doctor is concerned about both my blood pressure and blood sugar.

I’ve tried to do better on my own. I start the day with the best of intentions and by noon I’ve fallen apart.

My granddaughter says that you can help me get back on track and that she will help me getting the computer set up. Do you do health coaching?



Coaching clients to improve their health

“Hi Betty,

I am not a certified health coach with any organization but I have been coaching clients to improve their health for more than 22 years.

I’d like to know more about you and your health needs. I’m happy to offer you a free 30-minute phone consultation so that I can learn more about you, answer your questions and determine if you are a fit for my methods.

I will email you with times that I am available. Please email me with your phone number.

I look forward to talking with you.

My best wishes,


Excellent candidate for Medical Hypnosis

Betty and I did talk and we determined that she is an excellent candidate for Medical Hypnosis. Our target areas are healthy eating, weight loss, increased exercise and stress reduction.

Betty has now had two sessions. She has lost 3 pounds in two weeks; she is making healthy food choices and is now going on daily walks with her next-door neighbor.

My goal is to teach Betty self-hypnosis and other mindfulness-based skills so that she can be her own health and life coach.

If you need help getting your health back on track, or have other life issues that you want hypnosis help, give me a call at 760-219-8079 or send me an email to

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