Eat out and lose weight

How do I eat out and lose weight, is a common concern for people, especially when just starting out with making significant lifestyle changes. I received an email from Jackie asking that very question.

From the sounds of it, Jackie’s restaurant options are limited. When you encounter these situations, think outside of the box. Don’t let the menu limit you. Are there vegetables on the menu? How about potato, brown rice, beans or pasta?

I prefer to start my mornings quietly so I’d rather eat my oatmeal in my room by myself. I bring my own oatmeal and use the coffee maker for hot water. Just make sure you have a spoon with you or grab one from the hotel restaurant.

Is there a grocery store nearby or a gas station with a food mart where you can grab some fruit? Or, does the hotel have a breakfast bar where you can grab some fruit for snacks throughout the day?

Will you have a chance to use the workout room? Or, if you have the time, is the neighborhood safe for you to take a walk outside? And. be sure to drink as much water as you can.

Your number one job

Your number one job will be to stay out of the doughnuts and cookies that are served during your meetings and to be sure to stop eating your meal when your body has enough. You don’t have to clean your plate.

I always tell folks that if you spend a week or two in a hotel and eating restaurant food, weight maintenance is great success.

Rather than concerning yourself so much about weight loss while you’re gone, focus more on what you can learn about eating as healthy as you can in restaurants.

Eating out without pigging out

In chapter 5, of my book, Becoming Slender For Life, there is a section titled, “Eating out without pigging out.”

“I know this can be a potential downfall, but it doesn’t need to be. My wife and I eat out at least once or twice each week. I usually find it quite easy to order. Mexican and Italian restaurants are some of my favorites. I can order black bean veggie burritos without cheese or sour cream and be a very happy camper. Even if it’s not on the menu, most Italian restaurants are happy to prepare pasta with tomato sauce and veggies without dairy. Remember, you have the right to request what you want. The restaurant is working for you. If you don’t see anything on the menu, ask the waitperson what the chef can prepare for you. Be courteous in your interactions, and they will usually bend over backwards to accommodate. And then I tip well!

When attending conferences, I make sure to place my meal order early and verify it with the hotel staff when I arrive. One client, who often travels internationally, orders a baked potato for breakfast from room service the night before. If I’m attending a meeting where lunch is provided, I generally bring with me some fruit and perhaps a few almonds or Ryvita crackers.

I love restaurants and grocery stores with salad bars. There are so many choices of vegetables and fruits, and I love mixing them together for a great speedy meal. Many burger chains now offer veggie burgers on whole wheat buns, so being pinched for time doesn’t mean you have to blow your food plan.”  Becoming Slender For Life, pages 153 – 154

You can eat out and lose weight

Email from Jackie:

“Hi Roger,

I have to postpone our second session. I just found out that I have to go out of town for one or maybe even two weeks for my job. I know that I won’t have much control over my food while at that regional office. I will be on my own for breakfast so that I can figure out, but typically lunch is brought in and we eat while we meet and work. Dinners are at one of the few restaurants close to the office which have typical American food.

I’m just getting started and I am committed to becoming Slender For Life™. I’m freaking out. This trip wasn’t planned when I scheduled my sessions with you. I’m afraid that after this trip I will just need to start over. Can you help me? How do I eat out and lose weight?


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When I’m eating out I make healthy choices.

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