How fast can I expect to lose weight

This week’s Ask Roger question came from Beth who wrote, “Roger, I am a 32 year-old woman and I have about 100 pounds to lose. How fast can I expect to lose weight and get to my goal? I’ve dieted in the past and I have lost 20 – 25 pounds in a month but I’ve always gained it back. I want to lose weight and be sane about it and I don’t want to gain it back. Can you help me? Thank you. Beth”

Hi Beth, a good safe healthy and lasting rate to lose weight is about 2 pounds per week. Of course there are ways to diet and lose weight faster than that, but if your goal is to let go of the weight and keep it off, then two pounds a week is a great goal. Those fast weight loss methods usually result in gaining back more weight than you lost.

How fast can I expect to lose weight?

Six pounds a month

Realistically, six pounds a month is what you should plan on. Not every week will be perfect. There will be holidays, dinners out and vacations so give yourself some room. Be realistic in your expectations so that you set yourself up for success. Many people go on vacation and gain weight. For you, going on vacation and maintaining current weight can be great success.

To me, it’s not so important if you lose two or three pounds each week or a half a pound each week. It’s not a race. What’s important is the ongoing release of weight and steady progress towards your goal.

Beth, I wish you great success in your journey to your healthy ideal weight.

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I feel really good about releasing 6 pounds each month.

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