Feel like a failure

Do you ever feel like a failure with weight loss? Many of us have.

“Hi Roger. I lost 80 some pounds with Slender For Life™ 4 years ago and I have been doing really well – up until Christmas. I went to Maui with my two sisters for a week and I gained 8 pounds.

I reverted back to old behaviors that I thought were in my past. Afternoons was beer and chips on the beach. We went out to eat every night and had cocktails and wine. And then back at the condo it was another bottle of wine and chocolate.

I’m totally freaking out. My pants and skirts are tight. I’m terrified that this is the beginning of re-gaining those 80 pounds.

I feel like a failure. Is there hope for me? Do I need to set up some sessions with you and start over?



PS I have been doing my self-hypnosis faithfully since New Year’s.”

Back on track

Here is what I wrote back to Evelyn:

“Hi Evelyn. No, I don’t think that there is any need for you to start over. You did beautifully for 4 years. You’ll be back on track quickly.

What you experienced is “recycling”. Read pages198 and 216 in my book, Becoming Slender For Life. Recycling is that process of making change, moving on in life, hitting the wall again, making change, moving on, hitting the wall again, making change and moving on. But remember, you are not at the beginning where you started. Look how far you have come!

You are a human and you are having a human experience. You are not yet walking on water and that’s really OK.

Learn from the experience

To me what is most important here is that you learn from the experience and move forward using self-hypnosis and the Greatest Expression of You along with all the other tools that you learned. And, even more importantly, treat yourself with grace and compassion.

You may want to go back to Becoming Slender For Life and re-read it. I suggest you listen to some of the weight loss hypnosis MP3 downloads for a while as well. I urge you to also go back and review/update your Commitment and remind yourself why living your life Slender For Life™ is so important to you.

If you’d like, I’m happy to meet with you online as well – just let me know.

Evelyn, I applaud you for recognizing your behavior and taking action so quickly. You didn’t let it go for a year and gain 80 pounds. I remember you as a resilient person. I have confidence in you. You can easily release those 8 pounds in the next month.”

Lose weight and keep it off

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