Hypnosis for asthma

I received this email from Elsbeth in Virginia who asks if I’ve had success with hypnosis for asthma.

“I found you on the internet and see that you specialize in Medical Hypnosis. What about asthma? Have you had success with hypnosis for asthma?


Hypnosis for asthma

Improvement in symptoms

“Hi Elsbeth,

I have over the years had a number of clients who came to me for hypnosis for asthma. All of them learned self-hypnosis and reported an improvement in their symptoms. While it was never our goal to cure these clients of asthma, they were able control and minimize the symptoms of asthma with hypnosis and reduce their reliance on medications.

With each of these people, our work was in conjunction with their ongoing medical care. Medical hypnosis is not a replacement for your medical care.

Elsbeth I’d be happy to talk with you on the phone so that you can have your questions answered and so that I can learn more about you and your goals for hypnosis.

My best wishes,


Excited by her progress

I have met with Elsbeth 5 times over the past three months. She is excited by her progress. She has experienced fewer asthma attacks and several times this past month has been able to use the hypnosis skills that I have taught her to prevent and attack in its earliest stages without using the inhaler. She is thrilled!

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