Healthy, simple easy lunch

People often ask me about how to make a healthy, simple easy lunch. I recently received this question from Deb in Bremerton, WA.

“Roger help! I’m thrilled with the weight I’ve lost thanks to you and your weight loss hypnosis. Almost 40 pounds in just 4 months and only 30 more to go.

My life has gotten really crazy at the moment between work and my family and I’m really struggling finding the time to make myself a healthy lunch. Buying my lunch at the salad bar is getting expensive.

I know we’ve talked about using leftovers for lunch, but between my 4 teenagers and my husband there are no leftovers. Can you give me some ideas for a healthy, simple easy lunch?




Keep it easy

Hi Deb – I hear you. Lately we haven’t had leftovers for me to freeze so I’ve had to be more resourceful. But, I keep it easy.

I realize as I talk about this that I do have a frozen leftover meal in the freezer – but I forgot to take it out – so I’ll use it later in the week.

I always have brown rice, quinoa, farro, lentils or other grains in the fridge and in the freezer.

So, when I get home tonight, I will put some brown rice that’s in the refrigerator in a Tupperware container. I have a variety of frozen vegetables in the freezer. I’m thinking that I will mix some of them together and put them on top of the rice. I’ll add a little pink sea salt and a lot of ground pepper and top it all off with balsamic vinegar.

Tomorrow at the office, I will heat it in the microwave and enjoy a delicious, healthy, simple easy meal. It will take longer to heat it than it does to put it together.

I keep this type of lunch interesting with different grains or potato, different vegetables and toppings. Sometimes I use salsa or leave it plain. And, I’ve used a small amount of a vegan pre-made soup as a “gravy”.

Roger’s Southwest Pasta

When life permits, I like to get more creative and make myself meals that I freeze for future lunches. One of my favorites is my Southwest Pasta. I make rice spinach pasta and then use fresh salsa as a base and add all kinds of great things to make it really good. You can find in at Slender For Click on Recipes and scroll down to Roger’s Southwest Pasta. I will include the direct link in the post that goes with this video.

You can also check out the very first recipe link at Slender For Click on “My Simple Recipes”. These are meals that you can make in 10 minutes or less for under $5.00 per serving.

The possibilities for healthy, easy and delicious meals are limitless. Have fun!

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I always eat healthy foods when I’m at work.

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