Holiday weight loss really is possible

YES!! Holiday weight loss really is possible! For the past 20 years I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all the people calling to schedule their free weight loss hypnosis consultation during the months of November and December.

Some people want to get started so that they don’t have the holiday weight gain. Others just want to have their free consultation and schedule their sessions to start in January so that they already have a plan of action in place.

I ask all Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients to set realistic goals for their weight over the holiday. Going through the holidays and maintaining current weight can be great success.

Just because it’s the holidays does not mean you have to gain weight. But I also don’t believe it’s realistic to not have any of the special holiday foods.

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That’s a great question Sherry!

I know that this is a hectic time of year and that we are surrounded by holiday foods that are usually high in fat and sugar. These special foods are ones that we only get once a year.

There are several questions that you have to ask yourself:

  • Do you really want to wait until January to start your weight loss and weigh as much as 5 to 10 pounds more than you do now?
  • You already know what these foods taste like. You know that you like them. What would happen if you didn’t have them this year?
  • Are you willing to explore the possibility that with hypnosis for weight loss you can learn to enjoy one cookie and then be done?

Start becoming Slender For Life™ over the holidays

My experience these past 20 years is that YES, now is the time to schedule your free hypnosis for weight loss consultation. You can lose weight over the holidays and enjoy the special holiday foods.

Holiday weight loss

Ask Roger: Is holiday weight loss really possible?

“Hi Roger,

Thank you so much for your daily blog posts. I’ve been receiving them for the past couple of months and I look forward to reading, and sometimes re-reading them. I especially like your daily hypnosis suggestions.

I’ve been overweight for almost 20 years now, since the birth of my children. I diet and gain it back. I had lost weight this summer and now I am at an all-time high. I read your Holiday Weight Loss post a couple of weeks ago and it keeps coming to my mind. I’m really tempted to schedule a free weight loss consultation with you, but I’m skeptical.

With all the holiday parties, cookies, shopping and stress, is holiday weight loss really possible? Am I better off waiting until January?

I thank you for your kind attention.



Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I have realistic weight loss goals for the holidays.

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