Life in Palm Desert

People have been asking me, “How are you adjusting to life in Palm Desert?”

My family, friends, clients and people that I meet here in the Coachella Valley are asking about our move from Bainbridge Island to the desert. Frequently they ask questions about adjusting to the heat and don’t I miss the water.

So, with all of these questions, I decided that today’s Ask Roger was a perfect opportunity to publicly address them.

We of course miss our children and grandchildren in Washington and the many friends we made in the 22 years of living on Bainbridge Island.

I’m loving living in the desert. I never thought I’d say that. I’m a water person and have been living near water for most of my life. I was passionate about boating and island life. Now, living in the Coachella Valley I realize that the boating community and island communities are all about relationships. And, that is what I have found here.

In the past four months I’ve developed relationships in Palm Springs at one end of the Valley to Indio at the other end. People here have been very friendly and already a few store clerks no me by name. I love that!

Coachella Valley

We’re happy in our new home and community. The neighbors have been wonderful and the mineral swimming pool and mineral hot spas are awesome. My body feels so good here. I’ve never really appreciated cold and damp – the warmth feels so good to me!

We are unpacked and pictures are hung, we still have painting to do. And, at times like this morning, we wonder where something got put. I know that I have razor blades somewhere. I know where they were kept in our old house, but they were not in any of the obvious places I looked today. I know that they will turn up.

I’m having a great time exploring the Coachella Valley on my bike. I’ve been held back a few times by the wind – but so far not by the heat. If I’m clipped in and rolling by 6:30 AM, I’m good. The beauty of the desert continues to WOW me.

It was our daughter who bought a home in Cathedral City that first turned us on to the idea of moving here. We’d been looking and dreaming of warm sun places for about five years – but hadn’t considered Palm Desert until she started talking to us about it. We had been here a few times in the summer over the years and loved it. My wife and I both appreciate blue sky and warm sun. We had decided that moving back to Maui was too far from family. If we need a break from the heat or I need a water fix, the Pacific Ocean is less than three hours away. So, here we are.

Medical Hypnosis

My Medical Hypnosis practice is being well received by both people in the community seeking help and by the medical community as well. Clients in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island have continued their sessions online and I appreciate their continued trust in me.

I so appreciate the care and concern that many of you have expressed to me throughout this transition. And I thank you for your continued support.

And, to all of you who have been referring your family and friends to me, I thank you.

I love the flexibility that I have for meeting with people both in my Palm Desert Hypnosis office and online worldwide. It’s now easy to meet with people in other countries and across the U.S. and several snowbirds have discovered that they can meet me in my office when they are here and online when they go back home.

If you have family or friends that you’d like to refer to me, you might have them take a look at my profile at Psychology Today. You can do that just by clicking on the button in this blog post. You can also call me at (760) 219-8079 or send me at email to

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