Hypnosis for neuropathy

People often ask me about hypnosis for neuropathy. The question comes in a variety of forms. Yesterday I was specifically asked about using hypnosis for neuropathy pain.

In my experience, my clients have been very successful in reducing and often eliminating neuropathy pain with hypnosis. I taught them the hypnosis skills to turn down and turn off the discomfort that they experienced.

Having said that, these people all also used hypnosis to make drastic changes in their nutritional lifestyle.

I frequently hear that the prescription medications are not working or only work for a while. I also am told that chicken, fish, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, ice cream, butter and yogurt are eaten regularly.

The person who I talked to yesterday told me that her family dinner was au gratin potatoes, green beans with cheese, deviled eggs, ham and cheese cake. And, she drinks Pepsi at most meals.

When I talked to her about switching to a whole-food plant-based lifestyle, she said that was too drastic. To me, it sounds like the pain she experiences from the Standard American Diet is too drastic.

Hypnosis for neuropathy

Diabetes and neuropathy pain are preventable and reversible

In many cases, diabetes and neuropathy pain are preventable and reversible with plant-based food and with hypnosis.

The woman said that she had hoped that hypnosis alone would end her pain. I told her that hypnosis can certainly help to dial back the pain, but as long as she continued repeating the injury, she’d experience more pain. It’s like hitting your thumb with a hammer. Hypnosis can be very effective for pain control. But if you continue to hit your thumb with a hammer, you will experience more pain. You must stop the behavior causing the pain.

Yes, hypnosis pain control is very effective. And, hypnosis can help you to easily make the healthy lifestyle changes that allow you to reverse the pain and suffering caused by diabetes.

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease and hypnosis has been proven to be effective for autoimmune disease. So, in addition to hypnosis for pain control and lifestyle change, I teach you how to use hypnosis for restoration of wellness.

It saddens me knowing that type II diabetes and neuropathy pain are lifestyle choices. But, in many cases, your body can recover from the Standard American Diet.

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I make lifestyle choices that allow my body to heal and to be healthy.

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