Hypnosis help for finals

I received this email for Taylor from Palm Desert, California, who asked about hypnosis help for finals.

“I’m in college and in a few weeks, I have finals. I’m freaking out. I try to study but I can’t concentrate. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and my summer internship fell through which is a huge problem for me right now.

My Mom met you at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and gave me your name and email. Will hypnosis help for finals? I’m going to school in Colorado so can we meet online?


Hypnosis help for finals

Hypnosis can help you to manage the stress of your finals

“Hi Taylor,

You have several stressors in your life right now and yes hypnosis can help you to manage the stress of your finals, relationship breakup and finding an alternative to the internship.

Each one of these situations are naturally stressful. Hypnosis can help you to be calm and focused as you study and pass your exams, help you to heal from your relationship and be creative in finding alternatives to your planned internship.

Hypnosis won’t make these stressors go away, but it can help you to respond in a way that is empowering for you.

Call me tomorrow so that I can answer your questions and know more about you. If I believe then that we are a fit, we’ll discuss a course of action and get you scheduled.

If you are not a fit, I will tell you that and I will recommend other resources that might be a better fit for you.

There is no problem meeting online. I use Adobe Connect which is similar to Skype and FaceTime.

I invite you to go to https://hypnosishealthinfo.com/stress/orange-blossom and download Orange Blossom, my free 27-minute hypnosis MP3 download and listen daily for 2 weeks.


Online hypnosis

Taylor called me and we’ve already had his first online hypnosis session. We will be meeting for a second session later today. And he’s already reporting that his preparation for finals is going much better and that he’s feeling more confident about passing his exams.

If you are experiencing text anxiety or are having problems focusing in school, at work or other areas of your life, hypnosis may be of help to you too.

To find out more about how hypnosis can benefit you, give me a call at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email to Roger@HypnosisHealthInfo.com.

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I have many great strengths, and I use them to help me do well.

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