I received this email from Bill in Indio, CA, who asked, “I didn’t feel hypnotized – was I?”

“Roger I am thinking about scheduling some sessions with you to deal with my pain and anxiety. Five years ago, I went to a hypnotherapist to stop smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette since, but I didn’t feel hypnotized – was I?

The whole time I was aware. I knew I could open my eyes if I wanted to so I don’t think I was under hypnosis. I have no other explanation as to why I quit smoking but I don’t think I was hypnotized.

Please call me and let’s talk about whether hypnosis is right for me.


You are always in trance

I called Bill and we talked on the phone for about 15 – 20 minutes. He again brought up that he did not feel hypnotized but he had no other explanation as to why he quit smoking with no cravings.

So, I asked him if he really wanted to know what hypnosis feels like and he said, “yes.” So, I said to Bill, “Close your eye lids.” ….. “And now open your eye lids.”

That’s exactly what hypnosis feels like. It feels like a normal, natural state. From my perspective, you are always in trance – you are never not in trance. As you hear or read that sentence you are probably analyzing what I just said and wondering if that’s true.

You may be thinking of an argument to convince me that I am wrong or maybe thinking of questions that you have. But those thoughts prove my point. You are still listening to me or still reading this and you are questioning that statement …. or, maybe you are looking out the window or hearing the words to the song you are playing.

Your conscious mind is occupied

When your conscious mind is occupied with a rebuttal or daydreaming out the window your unconscious mind is fully receptive to suggestion. When you driving down the road listening to the radio, do you consciously listen to the commercials? Or, does your mind wander while you think about something else. And then soon you are swinging into the fast-food place that just ran that ad. Those radio and TV ads work. If they didn’t the advertisers wouldn’t spend the millions that they do on them. Unless you are fast-forwarding through the commercial, I bet you are talking to someone in the room with you or you are reading your phone. But, again, those commercials work.

Other examples of trance are when you eat too much food too fast. Or, you ate your lunch while working and you don’t remember eating it, so you go find something else to eat. Or you drive to your kids’ school when you really meant to go to the grocery store.

Hypnosis is normal and natural

Hypnosis is normal and natural and we move through trances all day long. Sometimes we are more relaxed than others. But you don’t have to be relaxed to experience hypnosis. And, by the way, there is nothing to be under when you use hypnosis.

What’s really important for you to know is that I don’t hypnotize anyone. I teach you hypnosis so that you can be in control of the trance that you are in. In other words, I teach you hypnosis so that you can move out of the anxiety trance or move through the fear trance and achieve your goals.

So, if you’d like to learn hypnosis to help you to achieve your goals or improve your health, give me a call at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email to Roger@HypnosisHealthInfo.com.

By the way, I will be seeing Bill later today for his second session. I’ll be curious to hear any feedback that Bill may have from his first session.

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