Unprocessed meat

I received this email from June in Indian Wells, CA., who asked, “Is unprocessed meat OK?”

Here is what she wrote: “I heard on the news that scientists are now saying that we should consume unprocessed meat. I am so confused.

For years I’ve been reading about how bad meat and dairy are for people to consume and so I stopped eating them.

I really haven’t missed meat and dairy and I really don’t want to start eating them, but some of my family and friends will use this news against me.

What are your thoughts? Is unprocessed meat OK?

I live in Indian Wells and my doctor recommended you to me for chronic pain. Are you accepting new patients?



Severe and fatal lack of understanding of the concept of nutrition

“Hi June,

Yes, I am accepting new clients. Give me a call so that I can know more about you and get you scheduled.

As to your questions about meat and dairy, I too was surprised and saddened to hear that report from a nutrient consortium.

In response to this report, T. Colin Campbell wrote that, “This report displays a severe and fatal lack of understanding of the concept of nutrition.”

You can read Campbell’s post about the report by clicking on the link in this email.

The Standard American Diet has produced obesity and can cause diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and a host of other illnesses.

I’m curious, you wrote that you have avoided meat and dairy for years. How is your health?

June, I urge you to trust your experience and trust what your body is telling you. In doing so, my hunch is you will continue to eat only whole plant-based food.

I look forward to your phone call.

My best wishes,



T. Colin Campbell

Folks, in the blog post that accompanies this video I will include a link to T. Colin Campbell’s post. I hope you will read it.

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