Roger Moore is moving to Palm Desert

If you are an active client, you already know that Roger Moore is moving to Palm Desert. So, this week’s Ask Roger is in response to questions that I’ve been asked in person and in emails in recent weeks. For the past three weeks, I’ve been informing my clients that my I am moving my Medical Hypnosis practice to Palm Desert.

After 22 years of offering Medical Hypnosis on Bainbridge Island and in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle, I am moving to the dry warm sun of Coachella Valley. My last day in the Medical Dental Building will be January 17, 2019 and my last day on Bainbridge will be January 18, 2019. The new office in Palm Desert will be open in mid-February.

My office will be known as Palm Desert Hypnosis. Over the past two years, online Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore has been growing exponentially. In recent months, many Seattle clients have chosen to meet me online. And, most of my Seattle and Bainbridge clients who I have been meeting in my offices will continue their hypnosis sessions online.

Roger Moore is moving to Palm Desert

Medical Hypnosis Online

Medical Hypnosis Online is very similar to meeting in person. Most people tell me that they quickly forget that we are not in the same room. Frequently, when people have met me online because of a last-minute scheduling conflict, they realize that they love the convenience of online hypnosis.

  • There is no drive-time.
  • You can be at home, at work, in school, in a hospital bed, in rehab, in a hospice care, in a hotel room, in an airport terminal, on a boat, in your car and sitting in a park and by the pool (these are some the places people have been in recent months for sessions).
  • People appreciate the flexibility. You can be in different locations each time we meet.
  • Couples can be in two different locations when we meet. I’ve had hypnosis sessions with couples when they were each in their respective offices.

Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore works

Here is how online Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore works:

I email you the link to my Virtual Medical Hypnosis office. At the time of your session, to click on the link. I let you into the meeting room and you turn on your mic and camera and we are set to go.

While I do think that a lap top is best, you can download a free app and use your smart phone or tablet. I also suggest that you use headphones or earbuds to eliminate feedback. The beauty is, no mater where you are, you can sit back and relaxxxxx!

And yes, for those of you looking for a warm, sunny winter getaway, I’m happy to meet with you in-person at Palm Desert Hypnosis.

The daily blog posts here at Hypnosis Health Info will continue without interruption and you can expect to continue to receive personalized service.

During this transition, I am accepting new online clients. If you have questions about how my move may affect you or if you want to know more about Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore, please give me a call at 206-903-1232 or send me an email at

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am flexible and open to change at all times.

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