Why do I need to keep up the self-hypnosis?

I am often asked, Why do I need to keep up the self-hypnosis?

I was asked this again this week in an email from Ramona in St. Paul.


I have followed you for years and I look forward to your daily blog posts. Thank you so much for your daily suggestions and for the information that you provide. I particularly enjoy reading the Sunday “Greatest Expression of You” posts and Wednesday’s “Ask Roger.”

You frequently talk about the importance of self-hypnosis and the importance of using it several times each day. I’m wondering why? If hypnosis is so powerful, why do I need to keep up the self-hypnosis?



WOW Ramona! That’s a wonderful question. I love it when people ask me questions like this. It tells me that you are paying attention and that you are thinking. So thank you for asking this.

Why do I need to keep up the self-hypnosis?

Something important goes here

We are always in trance

Here’s the deal. We are always in trance. We are never not in a trance. Hypnosis is learning to take control of the trance that you are in.

I can give you hypnotic suggestions in my office or online or you can listen to one of my MP3 downloads and no longer of a desire for sweets. That’s great. BUT – Halloween is next week and the stores are full of candy and you may have bags of it ready for your Trick or Treaters.

Right after that is Thanksgiving with the pumpkin pie followed up by a month of holidays filled with holiday treats. Everywhere you turn are powerful hypnotic suggestions to eat candies, cookies, and other rich sugary holiday delights.

Course correction

Self-hypnosis is your course correction throughout each day. It keeps you focused on your goals and it helps to make conscious choices. By that I mean, you can easily skip the cheap artificially flavored chemical filled Halloween candy and also choose to enjoy one of Grandma’s homemade Holiday cookies Many Americans will weigh 5 – 7 pounds more on January 2 than they do today.

This is why I recommend using self-hypnosis 5 times a day, every day. Think about this for a moment: If you are flying from Seattle to New York City, you’d better hope that the pilot and autopilot are constantly making course corrections throughout the flight. If the plane is left to the buffering of the winds, who knows where you will end up?! (Miami? London?)

Create a new path

Another example that I have used for years is that self-hypnosis helps you to create a new path.

Several years ago while vacationing on Salt Spring Island I noticed well-worn deer paths. Each day, the deer traveled this path, eating their way across the hillsides. At times, a deer ventured off the path into the tall grass.

As I watched, I could see that the grass was bent from the deer. But, by the next day the grass was standing back up and it was difficult to make out the trek of the wandering deer.

But the path that was traveled over and over again each day was there for a long time to come. That’s what your self-hypnosis really is all about. It’s about creating a new long-lasting path to your goals. Using self-hypnosis, you hardwire new neuropathways for your success.

Unfortunately, I hear too many stories of people bending the grass with one self-hypnosis session and then not following up.

Make your course corrections and create that new path by using your self-hypnosis several times a day every day.

Free how to do self-hypnosis

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