Stop eating so fast

You too can learn mindfulness hypnosis to stop eating so fast.

I received this email from Carolyn in Toronto:

“Hi Roger,

I’ve been reading your daily posts for several years. Thank you for your daily hypnotic suggestion. I really do look forward to these.

Overall, I eat pretty healthy. Mostly I eat whole grains and vegetables. Once in a while I’ll eat a little bit of fish or have a slice of cheese, but that’s only in restaurants or when I’m visiting family or friends.

My biggest challenge is that I eat too fast. I’m usually the first one done. Sometimes I eat so fast that I have seconds or thirds because I don’t remember what I’ve been eating.

How do I stop eating so fast?”

Stop eating so fast

Thanks for this question Carolyn. I struggled with speed eating too. I inhaled my food.

Below are some tips to help you to eat slowly:

Make the meal an event

Always sit a table or designated eating area when you eat. Never eat standing up, at the coffee table, watching TV, while working, while you are on the computer or while driving.

Light a candle, listen to some relaxing music.

Before you ever take a bite of food, use your stress reduction response.

Be aware of your feet on the floor. Your butt in the chair and bring your breath deep into your body.

Take a moment and notice the food. Notice the shapes, colors, textures and smells of the food. Notice the scratches in your plate.

Give thanks for this food and bless all those involved in it’s growth, harvest and preparation.

Is your fork or other eating utensil warm or cold?

Take a small mouthful of food onto your fork. Notice that your bicep curls as you lift the food to your mouth. Be sure to notice the aromas before you bite into it.

Place the food in your mouth and set your fork down. Chew your food thoroughly – even mashed potatoes. Notice the flavors, the textures and discern the various flavors.

Totally immerse yourself into the food in your mouth. It should be a sensual experience. Enjoy it!

When it’s thoroughly chewed, swallow and notice the food as it passes through your throat. Before taking another bite, pause. Breathe. Talk. Listen. Laugh. Enjoy!

Again, eating should be a sensual experience. Food should taste great and each bite should be enjoyable! So give yourself the pleasure of eating mindfully.

When you eat consciously, eating slowly becomes easy, It’s so much more enjoyable and you will eat less.

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I appreciate and give thanks for this food.

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