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Do you weigh daily? Usually people are told not to weigh daily.

This week’s Ask Roger questions comes from Mary in Louisville.

She writes: “Hi Roger! I’m loving your Ask Roger posts. I find them very informative. Thank you!

I’m confused. As a life-long dieter, I’ve always heard that I shouldn’t weigh more than once a week. I remember you saying something about weighing daily.

Should I weigh daily? If so, why?


Louisville, KY”

There are two major benefits to daily weigh-ins

National Weight Control Registry

Thank you for your question Mary. And, I certainly understand why you are confused. You will hear differing opinions about daily weigh-ins.

In 1997, when I first started my weight loss hypnosis practice I told my clients to not weigh at home and to only weigh once each week in my office.

A few years later when I was an active member in the National Weight Control Registry I read that people who are most successful at maintaining their healthy ideal weight, weigh almost every day.

After giving it some thought, this made sense to me. I started weighing myself daily. A few weeks later, I began recommending daily weigh-ins to Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss clients.

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I love and respect my body.

Benefits to daily weigh-ins

I believe that there are two major benefits to daily weigh-ins. 1) You have daily feedback. If you go up a couple of pounds, you know you need to pay attention.

This keeps you from experiencing the surprise of being up 5 pounds. 2) Daily weigh-ins takes the emotional stigma away from the scale. It becomes as routine as brushing your teeth.

Your scale provides you feedback. It’s data. It’s not a gauge from which you choose your emotions. In other words, you don’t go into a funk because you are up 2 pounds and eat more ice cream or potato chips.

On the other hand, the scale can be an alert to check in with yourself to see what’s going on emotionally. It can alert you that it’s time for some extra self-care.

Ultimately, you have to figure out what’s best for you. But, keep in mind that most people who have years of successful weight maintenance weigh almost every day.

So, again, thanks Mary for the great question. If you have a question for Ask Roger, please send me an email.

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