Keto Diet

This week’s Ask Roger question comes from Bill in San Diego who asks me about the Keto Diet.

“Roger what are your thoughts about the Keto Diet? My brother is doing it and is losing a lot of weight quickly. I have about 50 pounds to lose – nothing has worked so far. I’m thinking I should give it a try but I have some heart issues and eating all that fat scares my wife. What do you think?”


Keto Diet

“Hi Bill,

I actually just had a post on October 16 about the Killer Keto diet so your question is timely.

First, I urge you to talk to your cardiologist and get their input. And secondly, I urge you to listen to your wife.

Leading cardiologist, Dr. Kim Williams says, “No one should be doing the Keto diet.” According to Dr. Williams, the science is all wrong and he says that “There’s only one slight problem: and that’s cardiovascular events. If you look at mortality – the ketogenic diet increased mortality by about 22 percent.”

Since 1997, I’ve been helping people make lasting healthy lifestyle change using the research of more than 100 years that shows the healthiest way to lose weight and to live is by eating whole plant-based food. Hypnosis makes it easy to end your desire for the Standard American Diet that makes you fat and sick.

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