Vitiligo hypnosis MP3 downloads

Naomi in New York City sent me this email: “Roger, I bought your Vitiligo Hypnosis MP3 downloads and I love how they make me feel. I want to do more in-depth work with you but I have several questions. I Live in New York City. Does on-line therapy work? Can I be hypnotized online? Do you use Skype for your sessions? What is Healthcare Support Hypnosis? And finally, how do I get started? Thank you for your patience with my questions. Naomi”

Thanks Naomi for your questions. I love it that you have these questions. It shows me that you are thinking this through and are committed to your wellness.

Yes, in my experience, online therapy can be just as effective as meeting in my office. I first began remote sessions over the phone about 19 years ago when clients traveled for work or spent the winter in Maui. In my years using the phone and meeting online, all of my clients have easily experienced hypnosis.

Vitiligo hypnosis MP3 downloads

Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office

For the past three years I have used Adobe Connect to hold online sessions. It allows for a variety of experiences including video, music, PowerPoint, white board and other features than can enhance a client’s session. As an alternative, FaceTime has been an excellent alternative when the client’s internet service is limited.

Healthcare Support Hypnosis

Healthcare Support Hypnosis is in support of your traditional health and medical care. Healthcare Support Hypnosis is not a replacement of professional medical care. It is used in conjunction with the care your medical doctor and other healthcare professionals provide. Most of my private practice is now Healthcare Support Hypnosis. I offer support for weight loss, cancer, pain control, autoimmune disease, dementia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other health and wellness challenges.

I find that the easiest way to schedule your first session is over the phone. You can call me at 206-903-1232. Or, feel free to send me an email .

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