Hypnosis for dying

I received this email from Connie in Vancouver, B.C., who asked, What is hypnosis for dying?


I was doing a Google search for hypnosis and dying and your name came up several times. I’m curious what is hypnosis for dying? How does it help?

My husband has pancreatic cancer and we have been told that he has only a few months to live. He is in constant pain. He is nauseous, vomiting frequently, no appetite, sleeps poorly and fearful of a horrible death. Can hypnosis help him with any of this?

Maybe hypnosis can help me too. I am exhausted, stressed, scared, overwhelmed and angry that this is happening. I feel guilty that I am angry

Can you and hypnosis help us? We live in Vancouver B.C. and online sessions would be perfect for us.



Hypnosis for dying

Hypnosis can help

“Hi Connie – I am saddened to hear about your husband and the effect that cancer is also having on you.

I do believe that hypnosis can provide relief for both of you and I am happy to meet with you online individually and/or as a couple.

Specifically, hypnosis can help with the emotional upheaval of cancer, as well as the pain, nausea, loss of appetite, sleep and other physical manifestations resulting from cancer and cancer treatments. Hypnosis can help ensure that this time is as comfortable and as meaningful as possible.

Please call me and let’s schedule a time to meet online for a consultation. This will allow me to learn more about you and give you the opportunity to ask me other questions that you may have.

I invite both of you to go to download Orange Blossom, my free 27-minute hypnosis MP3 download and listen daily for 2 weeks. Many people have chosen to listen to it daily for months or even years at a time. People often fall asleep each night listening to it or listen if they wake during the night and can’t go back to sleep.

Connie, being a caregiver can be heart-wrenching, stressful and exhausting. And, it’s understandable that you are angry. Hypnosis can help each of you to be mindful and to be OK in the moment – even with the realities of cancer.

Let’s talk soon.

My best wishes,


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