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Mia in Hong Kong sent me this email: “I saw a reference to Hypnosis Health Radio. What is it and how do I access it? Sincerely, Mia”

Thanks for the question Mia. Ten years ago I had a talk radio show that aired here in Seattle and then the recordings were included in blog posts here at Hypnosis Health Info.

I ended the show 18 months later in 2009 and since then I have posted recordings where I was a guest on someone else’s radio program.

All the shows are posted at Hypnosis Health Info. If you look at the main menu bar you will see “Library”. The first drop down from that is “Hypnosis Health Radio”.

Health & Wellness Interviews

I encourage you check out the shows that I have archived. You will find interviews with Dr. John McDougall, Dr. John Sklare, Melissa Roth, Chaplain Paul Durbin, Scott Sandland, Molly Gordon, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Dr. Anne Spencer, Dan Cleary and many others.

You will find show subjects ranging from weight loss, cancer, pain control, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Christianity and other topics.

What’s next?

I keep thinking that I am going to start a new online radio show, in some ways “Ask Roger” is fulfilling that. I do have several things in the works for this fall and early 2018.

This fall I plan to start video interviews with various health and wellness experts. The format will be similar to Hypnosis Health Radio, but programs will be video recordings instead.

In early 2018 I will start a series of online classes for consumers. The first one will be a weight loss class. If you have ideas for class topics, please email your thoughts to me.

Keep reading my daily blog posts for announcements of upcoming online classes and other exciting new projects here at Hypnosis Health Info.

If you have a question for “Ask Roger” please send me an email to Roger@HypnosisHealthInfo.com.

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