What is Medical Hypnosis?

Last week I was asked, “What is Medical Hypnosis?” by a Palm Springs Cancer Specialist from the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center.

I have been introducing myself to medical professionals in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and throughout the Coachella Valley.

I am excited that so far every cancer care specialist that I have met is aware of the valuable role that Medical Hypnosis can play in the life of a cancer patient.

Medical Hypnosis is rapidly becoming a front-line modality recommended by many healthcare specialists for the treatment of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, dementia and cancer care.

Medical hypnosis is not an alternative to or replacement for professional medical care. And, please be sure to consult with your physician and continue medical treatment. Medical hypnosis is used in cooperation with your professional medical treatment – not in place of.


Hypnosis was accepted for medical use

Even though hypnosis was accepted for medical use in 1958 and is now being used in hospitals and medical settings throughout the world, Medical Hypnosis is still underutilized as a therapeutic modality which is a disadvantage to both recipients and physicians. In this era of emphasis on cost-effectiveness, medical hypnosis should be of special interest to clients and physicians.

Hypnosis is an evidence-based, mind-body modality that aids in a variety of health issues and is congruent with current research in brain plasticity and psychoneuroimmunology. When used in cooperation with traditional Western medicine treatments, as part of an overall approach to promote well-being, hypnosis can help people help themselves.

Hypnosis is used not only for stress reduction and pain control, but also for healing. Using the power of the unconscious mind, the body has remarkable abilities for self-healing.

Your body was created to be healthy and it was created to heal. Hypnosis can help you to be heal and to be healthy.

I’d love to have the opportunity to talk with you about how hypnosis can benefit you. Please give me a call at 760-219-8079 or send me an email to Roger@HypnosisHealthInfo.com.

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