What is Mental Rehearsal?

I frequently am asked, “What is Mental Rehearsal?” It was asked in this week’s Ask Roger question from Mark in Tulsa.

“Hi Roger – I read your posts almost every day. You frequently refer to Mental Rehearsal, but I am unclear as to what you mean by that.

Please help me to understand. What is Mental Rehearsal

Tulsa, OK”

Step by step thought process

Here is my response:

“Hi Mark, Great question. A Mental Rehearsal is a step by step thought process of how you want to be during your day. The Mental Rehearsal is a part of my Greatest Expression of You process.

Mental Rehearsal is different from imagination. As I sit here now and think about going for a bike ride, I imagine that I am riding down the road. My feet are dancing on the pedals. I am powering up the hills and giggling as I fly down those hills.

I feel the wind on my face and the warm sun on my arms and legs.

Mental Rehearsal is much more focused and directed. My Mental Rehearsal is of me putting on my bike bibs and jersey, my fingerless gloves, turning the rachet on my bike shoes. Putting on my glasses and helmet, putting my ID in my pocket and making sure I have my phone and water bottle.

Dressed, I go to the garage, open the door, take the bike off the hook, place my water bottle into the carrier, put air into the tires and set my bike computer to zero.

Next, I take a moment and Mentally Rehearse the route that I will ride. I rehearse joyfully riding safely. I have strength and stamina to ride up the hills and glide smoothly down the hills and around the curves. I am aware of my surroundings and vigilant for cars, trucks and road debris.

I appreciate the wind in my face, the warm sun on my skin and the songs of the birds in the air. I take in the beauty of the water, woods and fields as I ride.

And, I safely return home to hang my bike back on it’s hook in the garage.

I then straddle my bike, clip in with my left foot, push down and then clip in my right foot and make this my best ride ever!

That is Mental Rehearsal. It’s a step-by-step mental planning. It is creating a positive future fantasy.

What if Mentally Rehearsed Joyfully being your Best Self

Just think for a moment the difference it would make in your life if you Mentally Rehearsed Joyfully being your Best Self throughout each day! Think of the difference it could make in your relationships, work, food choices and all other endeavors.

Mental Rehearsal can truly change your life.”

I also included in my email to Mark links for the Greatest Expression of You and a post that is specific to Mental Rehearsal – you will find them in the post that accompanies this video.

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