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Both yesterday and today, I was asked which is “better – fresh or frozen vegetables?”

I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, but I have spent many hours over the past 21 years taking nutritional classes and reading nutritional research. Based on my studies, I generally advise people to go for the frozen vegetables.

Now, of course, if you are growing your own vegetables or you are at the farmer’s market buying vegetables picked that morning – go for the fresh. Nothing will beat that heirloom tomato or the ear of corn that was just picked.

But, for those of us in the North it can be temping to buy “fresh” vegetables in the middle of winter – unfortunately they will have lost much of the nutrient value. They were picked green weeks ago in some foreign country and shipped north.

Frozen vegetables on the other hand are generally flash frozen in trucks in the field soon after they have been picked which preserves the nutrients in the vegetables.

I do love my vegetables. In the summer I buy the freshest fresh vegetables I can find. But, I also eat a lot of frozen vegetables –  especially in the winter. Frozen of course has a convenience of being already to cook.

For work lunches I will often put some brown rice in a Tupperware container and then put a variety of frozen vegetables on top. I add a little sea salt, fresh-ground pepper and balsamic vinegar. At the office I pop it into the microwave and a few moments later I have an awesome simple and delicious lunch.

The bottom line is if you can grow your own – that’s awesome but don’t be afraid of frozen vegetables.

Don’t like vegetables?

If you are someone who doesn’t like vegetables, hypnosis can help you to have a wonderful desire for a variety of healthy vegetables. Hypnosis can also help you to have a large amount of no desire for the Standard American Diet of processed food filled with fat, salt and sugar.

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I sure do love my vegetables!

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