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People often ask me about hypnosis for end-of-life, so let’s talk about death. I received this email from Helen in Phoenix, AZ., who asked, “Why do you talk so much about death?”

“Hi Roger,

I am curious, why do you talk so much about death? A year ago, it made me uncomfortable, but you really got me thinking about my own life and death. You’ve even gotten my husband and I to start talking about our own advanced healthcare directives, cremation and natural burial, and deciding what we do and do not want for our funeral services.

I have talked about death with a couple of girlfriends, one almost got angry and refused to talk about it, the other has since brought it up to me and even asked how to find your blogposts.

As I write this, I realize that maybe I’m answering my own question, but again, why do you talk so much about death?


Hypnosis for end-of-life

Talking about death

“Helen your email made my day! I salute you for thinking and talking about death. None of us are getting out of this life alive. We all will die. It is normal, it is natural. It truly is the circle of life.

I can remember as a young boy, death was talked about. I was 4 when I attended my great-grandmother’s funeral. We talked about what it meant to be dead and we talked about the body that was in the casket. And yet today, death is not talked about. In fact, I just listed to an End-of-Life University podcast titled. “Why Death is Life’s Best-Kept Secret”.

It’s not always easy to know how to talk about dying. One component of the end-of-life movement is helping people to move through their fears of talking about death and to explore their fears of dying.

There are some excellent organizations that can help you to explore your own thoughts and emotions about death.

Here are a few:

  • Death Café
  • Death Over Dinner
  • End-of-Life University
  • International Doulagivers Foundation
  • Five Wishes
  • Dying Matters

There are many others. These are a few that I often refer to for my own research.

Mr. Rogers said that, “Dying well is to die with your hopes intact.” I love that.

I have learned so much about how to live life from people who are dying. One of my goals in talking and writing about end-of-life is to help people to live fully and joyfully in the moments that we have left.

I think that it’s time to once again talk about the elephant in the room – it’s time to have conversations about death.

I invite you to talk with your family and friends of death. Google Death Cafe and Death Over Dinner in your community and participate in these events. Listen to the excellent podcasts at End-of-Life University. Talk to your children about death and dying and help them to feel comfortable and remove the fear from this natural life event.

In about 10 years, there will be more of us senior citizens than there are people under the age of 65. So, let’s talk about aging and let’s talk about death – even at dinner.

Helen, please continue your conversations with your husband, friends and other family members.

If I can be of support, please let me know.

My best wishes,


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