Hypnosis help autoimmune disease

I received this email from Dorothy in Cathedral City, CA., who asked, “Will hypnosis help autoimmune disease?”


I read your article in Desert Health and I am wondering will hypnosis help with autoimmune disease?

Over the past 3 years my health has deteriorated. I have been an active mom with 4 kids, ages 6 to 15. I was highly involved in sports and school activities but I can no longer do many of these things.

It takes all of my energy just to get up in the morning to make breakfast and get the kids off to school. I frequently go back to bed when the kids are gone. My spotlessly clean house is a filthy mess, my husband frequently has to shop for groceries and make dinner. It’s rare for me to make it to watch my kids at their after-school activities. And I seldom get to see my friends.

I have been through every medical test with many specialists and I still have no diagnosis. Most doctors think that I have an autoimmune disease but no one can agree on an exact diagnosis.

I’m desperate. If hypnosis can help, are you accepting new patients and if so, how soon can I have an appointment? I live in Cathedral City so getting to your office in Palm Desert will be easy for me.

Thank you.


Medical Hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease is effective

“Hi Dorothy,

Yes, I am accepting new clients at my Palm Desert Hypnosis office and online worldwide.

And yes, Medical Hypnosis can be very effective for autoimmune disease. Over the past almost 23 years I have helped people with a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Psychology Today describes it this way: ‘Hypnotherapy has shown to be very successful in helping patients resolve allergy issues. And Autoimmune Diseases are in many ways like allergies. In fact, some scientists say that an Autoimmune Disease is like “an allergy on the inside”. Allergies involve an unacceptable immune response toward something external to our body, such as a food, bee or material. An Autoimmune Disorder involves an unacceptable immune response towards something within the body itself. With an allergy, something external to our body causes an abnormal reaction in our immune system. With an autoimmune disorder, something within our body causes an abnormal reaction in our immune system, in essence, causing our immune system to fight the body itself.’

Your thoughts have a major impact on how your body feels. I will teach you the self-hypnosis tools so that you can begin direct your thoughts to restore wellness.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My best wishes,


Palm Desert Hypnosis

Dorothy and I have spoken and she is scheduled for her first Medical Hypnosis session at Palm Desert Hypnosis.

If you are suffering with an autoimmune disease or have other health challenges, call me at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email to Roger@HypnosisHealthInfo.com. We can meet at Palm Desert Hypnosis or online worldwide.

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