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Tips For Sticking To Your New Fitness Resolution All Year Long

In a Seattle Times article on Monday, January 7, 2008, Richard Seven wrote about sticking to your New Year’s Exercise Resolutions.  He hits the nail on the head when in is second sentence he writes that “You will become sidetracked by excuses, life’s relentless to-do list, injury or perhaps just old-fashioned laziness.”  He has a wonderful list of tips to help with keeping that promise to yourself to exercise. Here are his tips: (read the article) Make an appointment Make it fun Savor the spoils Use the buddy system Start small and go steady Ditch the excuses Remember why Be honest Give yourself a break Know thyself, especially when gym shopping Be a consumer Join a group Eat well Get strong, but don’t overdo Be creative Chart a path Get the right tools Do it right Be positive Just do it And, of course I would add, use your self-hypnosis! Using hypnsosis will only help you in keeping your New Year’s Resolutions and help secure your success. Hypnotherapy really can make the difference between wishful thinking and actually doing it. Be sure to check out...

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Surgery for Weight Reduction and Its Risks

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) wound problems and complications from blood clotsare common aftereffects of gastric bypass and gasroplasty surgery. The NIH has also reported that those undergoing surgical treatment for obesity have had substantial nutritional and metabolic complications, gastritis, esophogaitis, outlet stenosis and abdominal hernias. More than 10% required another operation to fix problems resulting from the first surgery. Another tempting solution is liposuction. Studies show that liposuction begets a plethora of side effects, the main one being death! A survey of all 1,200 actively practicing North American board-certified plastic surgeons confirmed that there are about 20 deaths for every 100,000 liposuctions, whereas the generally acceptable mortality rate for elective surgery is 1 in 100,000. Compared with the 16.4 per 100,000 mortality rate of U.S. motor vehicle accidents, liposuction is not a benign procedure. Liposuction is dangerous. Have you noticed the celebrities that have had weight loss surgery? Remember how they used to talk about it on the news shows and even stared in commercials promoting weight loss surgery? Have you noticed them lately? How much weight have they re-gained? At Slender For Life™, I frequently have men and women who have had weight loss surgery come to me weighing more than they did prior to the surgery. Using hypnosis they can take the weight off and keep it off. I talked recently with a former Slender...

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What’s Your Plan, Fran?

Dr. Phil Humbert has another great article titled What’s Your Plan, Fran? in his Tips For Extraordinary Living for January 6, 2008. In his article about New Year’s Resolutions, he writes that “If you are serious about your goals for 2008, invest a couple hours (or more) and complete each of the following: 1. DEFINE precisely how you’ll measure success. “What gets measured, gets done.” When you can describe your goal to a child in a few words (“We’re going to Disneyland for your birthday.”), you’re getting close. 2. LIST the steps. What are the incremental actions required to achieve your goal? What problems will you face and how will you solve them? Create a written list of as many steps, actions and benchmarks as you can. 3. SEQUENCE the steps. Few people can run before they walk, so be clear about what comes first, what comes second, and so forth. To achieve your goals, it’s critical to do things in the correct order, first things first. 4. CALENDAR your steps. What has to be completed this month? What must be done by March? How will you know if you’re on schedule in August? Write it down!Life teaches us that the most complex problems can be solved if we follow directions. My favorite example is cooking. Give me a kitchen of wonderful ingredients, pots, pans and utensils and (most...

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Obesity is Not Just a Cosmetic Issue

Have you considered hypnosis? At Slender For Life, we offer real solutions for weight loss & for your health. You learn a special self-hypnosis technique that you can use in all areas of your life. Hypnotherapy really makes a difference, even with weight loss. You see, obesity is not just a cosmetic issue – extra weight leads to an earlier death. Overweight individuals are more likely to die from all causes, including heart disease and cancer. Two-thirds of those with weight problems also have hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or another obesity-related condition. It is a major cause of early mortality in the United States. I lived most of my life bouncing between being over weight and obese. I’d diet, put weight back on, diet again, put more weight back on…. My blood pressure was high and I was at risk for diabetes. 13 years ago using hypnosis, I lost over 100# and with self-hypnosis I have kept it off ever since. My blood pressure and heart rate are that of a man in his 20’s and my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are well within normal range. You don’t have to be one of the obesity statistics, you have a choice. With hypnotherapy, you can do it...

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Digging Our Graves with Forks and Knives

The number one health problem in the United States is obesity. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that obesity is associated with a twofold increase in mortality, costing society more than $100 billion per year. This is especially discouraging for the dieter because after spending so much money attempting to lose weight, 95% of them gain all the weight back and then add on even more pounds within three years. People really don’t want to change the dangerous behavior that led to obesity. What is the solution? HYPNOSIS.  With hypnosis, you are in control of what you eat and how much you eat. Using hypnotherapy, you can change the food you eat and feel satisfied making healthy choices. At Slender For Life, approximately 46% of our clients who complete the program and obtain their ideal weight are still at their ideal weight two more more years later! How do they do this? They use self-hypnosis several times a day, every day. Those who don’t use self-hypnosis, put weight back on. Hypnosis really does make all the...

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Faith and Hypnosis

Tune into Hypnosis For Your Health for an interesting discussion on Christianity and hypnosis. One of the many misconceptions about hypnosis is that you lose control – that they hypnotherapist has some form of control over you. Nothing could be further from the truth. all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. In-spite of what you saw in the Manchurian Candidate, I or no other hypnotist can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. The misconception that hypnosis opens you up to evil forces is prevalent in many religious faiths. I have sat in the church pew and heard the minister preach against hypnotherapy. As a Christian, it saddens me that due to lack of awareness and education, false information is coming from the pulpit. We move from one trance to another trance all the time. There are driving trances, stress trances, eating trances, TV trances, reading trances, music trances and on and on. From my perspective, when I was mindlessly eating, in my eating trance, that was the devil at work within me. As a Christian, you know that your body is the temple of God; you are the caregiver to this temple. If you are overweight, how goood of care are you givng to God’s temple?  Hypnosis is really taking control of the trance that you are in. I now have control over what I am eating and how much I...

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Weight Loss Commitment

I know that I have written about commitment (that dreaded “C” word) in the past but it sure is an issue that can make or break weight loss. I had a call recently from a couple that are former clients. They again want to come back and start over. I had seen him in two previous series of sessions and her in one former series of sessions. In each of their first series they started out doing really well and each lost a significant amount of weight. But they both got distracted with traveling, golfing and life in general and never completed the Slender For Life Hypnotic Weight Loss Program. They both stopped using their self-hypnosis and of course the weight came back on. The other factor is that they both, especially the husband, stopped following the recommendations for eating and went back to eating what he wanted, which of course is how he got to be so over weight – obese in the first place. When he followed the recommendations of Dr. John McDougall, he had a great success with weight loss. As much as I like them, I am hesitant to meet with them again, let along have them as clients. I get that what they really are after is a diet – a quick fix. You know what I am talking about, go through deprivation temporarily – treating obesity like a...

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Supersize Me

Still waiting to put my home office back together. The desk I ordered in October is now scheduled to arrive in two weeks – I’m not holding my breath! Having no desk drawers, everything is on the table or in boxes under the table. Luna struggles to find space at my feet to lie down. As I was moving piles I again came across Greg Critser‘s book, Fat Land. In chapter 2 he writes about who got the calories into our bellies. Critser writes about marketer’s wars on cultural mores against gluttony – the fifth deadly sin kept people from buying more hamburgers, two bags of fries or 2 boxes of popcorn. No matter what 2 for one specials they ran, people didn’t want to be seen eating two boxes of popcorn because it looked piggish. So what did they do? They increased the size of the box of popcorn and the sales results were astonishing – even though it was more popcorn – it was still only one box! (Now that’s marketing hypnosis!) This ultimately resulted in Ray Kroc at McDonald’s selling a jumbo bag of French fries – people began eating more fries – but still only one bag! The calories consumed continued to sky rocket with the resulting epidemic of obesity. And then of course there are those value meals where more fat and calories are...

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