Autoimmune Disease is complicated

Thomas Campbell, MD, wrote an interesting article, Autoimmune Disease: Genes, Infection, Environment & Gut, that I found very helpful in my own conceptualization of autoimmune disease. As Dr. Campbell says, “Autoimmune disease is complicated; extraordinarily complicated.”

For the past 15 years of I have been teaching medical hypnosis to many clients who have autoimmune disease. My hypnosis MP3 downloads for autoimmune disease have assisted people around the world. I am deeply moved by each email that I received when someone shares with me that they are symptom free from autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune Disease is influenced by your genes, infections you may have or have had, your environment and by the health of your gut. The research shows that for health to be restored, elimination of all dairy and chicken, fish, beef and pork are essential.

When most medical doctors refer their patients to me, they confirm that they want this person to adhere to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Self-hypnosis can help you make healthy lifestyle-changes.

Hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease

My hypnosis protocol can help you to learn relaxation, imagery, and self-hypnosis techniques. These techniques are designed to help balance the immune system and develop control over many related autoimmune diseases.

Studies have shown that the use of various sorts of imagery and relaxation exercises can indeed improve the function of specific parts of the immune system.

If you are living with an autoimmune disease, give me a call or send me an email now and learn how you can benefit from hypnosis for autoimmune disease. No matter where you may live, together we can create a program to benefit you.

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My thoughts are of abundant health and well-being.

Autoimmune Disease: Genes, Infection, Environment & Gut

By Thomas Campbell, MD, March 24, 2016: “As far as controllable factors, it seems that cow’s milk is, by far, the food most commonly linked to autoimmune disease. I suggest to my patients that they avoid cow’s milk products in all their forms.

Second, avoid other components of a “western”-style diet, which means avoiding meat, added oils, and dairy (already mentioned) and including plenty of fiber and green, yellow and orange vegetables.

Third, infant nutrition and breastfeeding may play a role, so I encourage moms to do everything they can to breastfeed.

Fourth, get outside and get sun (without burning) and stay active regularly.

Fifth, don’t smoke (I didn’t discuss this earlier, but smoking has been linked to some autoimmune disease). Sixth, include some sea vegetables in the diet now and then or use iodized salt to ensure iodine intake.”

Read Autoimmune Disease: Genes, Infection, Environment & Gut

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