This weeks featured hypnosis MP3 download is several Autoimmune Disease therapies that I have recorded. In autoimmune diseases, the immune system mistakes normal, healthy structures with foreign bodies, is activated against the body’s own proteins and starts destroying them. With self hypnosis you can direct your unconscious mind to communicate with your immune system to help as a therapeutic aid in the recovery from autoimmune disorders.

Hypnosis MP3 Downloads for
Autoimmune Disease

Studies on the effects of hypnosis on the immune system have shown hypnosis can inhibit or enhance immune activity and consequently contribute to weakened or strengthened resistance to disease onset or enhanced recovery from illness. Studies also show that the capacity of hypnotic suggestion and modulate the function and activity of the immune system.

These hypnosis MP3’s are designed to help you balance your immune system and develop control over autoimmune diseases.

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Autoimmune Disease

Hypnosis allows you to communicate with your unconscious mind and speak directly to tissues and cells by using the language of imagery with all five senses and promote healing. Learn self hypnosis and use your body’s built-in capacity to repair and heal itself. If you are suffering with autoimmune disease call or email now to schedule your personal hypnosis session. If you live too far from Seattle or Bainbridge Island we can meet via Skype.

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My body has the built-in capacity to repair and heal itself.

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