A Bag of Potatoes, Microwaves and Being KindJeff Novick recently wrote that “This month, Natala Constantine, the Director of Social Media for the Engine 2 program, wrote what I consider one of the most important blogs of the last few years called,  “A Bag of Potatoes, Microwaves & Being Kind.” In it, she addresses a growing trend that I call nutrition elitism, a type of nutrition perfectionism that seems to be showing up more and more in our world.” I am so excited that nutritional leaders are addressing the issue of nutritional perfectionism and elitism. At Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss I have been coaching clients to let go of trying to be perfect in their transition to a plant based lifestyle. I’ve been living this way since 1996 and I still don’t do it perfectly. And, yes, I use a microwave, canned beans and most of my pasta sauce comes out of a jar. The result is that I am in the best health and physical condition of my life and I weigh 115 pounds less than I did 19 years ago.

A Bag of Potatoes, Microwaves
and Being Kind

Engine 2 Diet, by Natala Constantine, April 15, 2014: When I started eating this way I was morbidly obese with out of control diabetes that had lead to some serious complications in my feet and legs. I was tired most of the time, and I was severely depressed. It took me so much effort to even want to get out of bed most mornings. I needed this to be simple. For a while, I stuck to my microwaved oatmeal, microwaved brown rice, cans of beans and vegetables.

Now, there are people that might harshly judge me for doing that. “You use a microwave?!” “You used canned beans?!” “You didn’t check to make sure every thing you bought was gmo free and organic?! You didn’t eat local?!”

The reality is, that all of that potentially saved my life. The microwave, the non-gmo/non-organic food, the cans of beans. I still got well. I did not become more sick. I was virtually off all my insulin (over 200 units per day), I was losing weight, my blood pressure dropped into a normal range, an infection that could have cost me part of my leg cleared up, all while consuming things that many people would gasp at.

And you know what? I still use a microwave, I still use cans of beans, I use TONS of frozen vegetables. Sometimes my fruit and vegetables are non-gmo/not organic. And guess what? I’m still getting healthier and healthier.

Recently we ran an article about how to shop plant-strong at Walmart. It was written by one of our brilliant interns. I was honestly surprised by the backlash we got from the article. It was shocking to see how many people were so quick to judge those who shop and work there.

Read A Bag of Potatoes, Microwaves and Being Kind

I never have to beat my clients up when they have been less than perfect – they have already done it and usually still are doing it when they relate the events of the past week to me. People are far harsher on themselves than I ever would be. In fact, I am often talking about putting down the stones, leaving the whip in my office and I teach self forgiveness. Perfectionism can serve you very well when balancing your checkbook, but when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating, it is a built in guarantee of failure.

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to gently make lifestyle changes so that you can become healthier and healthier.

Isn’t it time you stop casting stones at your self? I invite you this week to focus on two things: 1) Increase the amount of vegetables you eat and  2) At each meal, acknowledge what you are doing right so that you are getting healthier and healthier.


There Is No Way To Diet Perfectly


Simply Spuds


Nutrients in fresh produce
vs frozen or canned- REDUX

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I’m still getting healthier and healthier.

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