Banana health

Really?! Banana health? Yes, bananas are healthy and great for your weight loss. In spite of all the fad diets that tell you to not eat bananas, MSN has a great post that lists 21 healthy things that happen when you eat bananas.

Monday through Friday I eat 3 bananas a day. Bananas are my morning and afternoon snacks. They fill me up, they keep my blood sugars stabilized and I like them.

The main reason I stick with bananas Monday through Friday is that they are convenient. Their packaging is neat. I can eat them wearing a shirt and tie. They have their own wrapper. I don’t need a bib and I don’t have to wash up afterwards. On weekends, I am more apt to each juicy oranges, apples, peaches and mango – fruit that’s juicy and squirts all over.

Bananas are perfect for exercise. On a hike I will have one in my backpack and I will eat one before a long bike ride. On organized bike rides there are almost always bananas being served at the rest stops. They go fast because cyclists know that they are packed full of fuel for your body.

Forget about the fad diets and focus your eating on whole plant-based food. Your food should look like God made it – that you dug it out of the ground or picked it off of a plant, bush or tree. So, think banana health!

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Banana health

Go bananas for your health

A couple of weeks ago in a phone call a woman told me that she was “going bananas” about being overweight, how she looked and the health challenges she was facing. I asked her if she was ready to go bananas for her health. She thought for a moment, laughed and said “Banana health! Thank you for that! When can I schedule with you?”

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banana health

21 Things that Happen to Your Body When You Eat Bananas

MSN Health& Fitness: “What if I told you there was a groundbreaking new tool to help you lose weight, reduce bloat, fight cancer and increase your energy—all for just 19 cents a piece. And bonus: Each one comes with a free carrying case, so you can grab it and go!

Here are the top 25 (sic) most b-a-n-a-n-a-s things that will happen. Add one a day to your diet, and to keep up your weight loss. ”

21. You’ll Look  Less Bloated
20. You’ll Start  Burning Fat
19. You’ll Feel Happier, Faster
18. You’ll Feel Less Stress and Anxiety
17. You’ll Sleep Better
16. You’ll Build Lean Muscle…
15. …And Recover Faster
14. Your Blood Sugar Will Stabilize
13. You’ll Have Fewer Cravings
12. And Feel Fuller
11. You’ll Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels
10. You’ll Digest Easier
9. You’ll Be More Regular
8. Your Bones Will Grow Stronger
7. You’ll Have More Energy
6. Your Body Will Fight Disease…
5. …and Battle Cancer
4. Your Blood Pressure Lowers
3. Your Blood Gets Stronger
2. Your Vision Will Improve
1. You Detoxify

Read 21 Things that Happen to Your Body When You Eat Bananas

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I’m going bananas for my health!

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