Roger Moore ~ STP 2011 Seattle to Portland Bike Ride ~ 204 miles

At Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis I am often asked about sports drinks. I always suggest bananas and raisins as an equal and healthier alternative. I have been naturally drawn to bananas over sports drinks when it came to fueling my body when I ran marathons and now as I go on long distance bike rides. Just this past Sunday (June 3) I rode my bike 100 miles in the Peninsula Metric Classic 2012.

Before I got on my bike I ate a banana that I brought with me, at each rest stop, I ate a banana along with potato and orange slices that were provided. When I returned to my truck, I ate another banana that I brought with me. I also had yellow raisins in a baggie in my jersey pocket that I ate throughout the ride.

This ride was billed as “challenging” – there were many long hills on rough chip seal roads. At times, the wind was in my face as I rode along Puget Sound. I of course had eaten my oatmeal for breakfast and I had plenty of water with me. I felt strong throughout the ride and came home and went to work in the yard. Monday I went to the gym to work out with my personal trainer and felt great. No sports drinks or gels.


Equal Performance, More Nutrients, 1/3 Price

Don’t throw away money on expensive sports drinks — bananas deliver the same energy boost, and a much bigger nutrition bang, for a lot less money!

Now, not all of us exercise for medals or even that biker’s high — quite a few of our readers hop on the bike to burn calories! In that regard, bananas also beat sports drinks. While one medium banana contains roughly 100 calories, a 20-ounce bottle of sports drink can contain nearly double the calories and upwards of 40 grams of sugar! “Bananas contain resistant starch, whose by-products block conversion of some carbohydrates into fuel, forcing your body to rely on fat stores as well,” adds Dr. Nick Gillitt of Dole’s Nutrition Research Laboratory.


You don’t have to run marathons or ride your bike for long distances to take advantage of the benefits of healthy foods like bananas and raisins. Before you go to the gym, the pool or for your walk, eat some raisins or a banana. You will have the energy boost that you need and you will feel great. Raisins and bananas are easy on your stomach as you exercise. One client told me that she and her husband always take bananas with them when they go dancing.

Save your money and save your health. Leave the sports drinks and gels on the store shelf. With bananas and raisins there is no processed sugar, artificial ingredients, salt or caffeine. Eat bananas and raisins to propel your health.

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