Richard Nongard and I invite you to learn the solutions to obesity & its mental health complications and become a Certified Bariatric Hypnotherapy and Counseling Specialist. Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity. Obesity complicates & causes emotional disorders, disease and family functioning. You can help your clients end the cycle of obesity & addiction to food.  Master hypnotic methods of intervention based in the science of healthy weight loss. Join us in Tampa May 3 & 4 or in Seattle, June 14-15, 2012 & learn how to apply the research-based techniques of effective therapy in counseling obese clients.

Here is what Dallas participants had to say about this course:

“I am so thankful for the presentation in Dallas. It was a great learning experience and I am hoping to be able to use the skills I learned to help my client that is 360 pounds at the age of 21. I completed the certification book and quizzes on Monday. I started using the principles for nutrition on Thursday night after class. I can honestly say that I already feel a lot more energy. I like the principle of keeping the fire burning better than the no in between meals snacking that is discussed in Dr Furhman’s book. I do much better with energy and focus eating something every 3 hours. Thank you again for a wonderful training, my only wish is that you had more opportunity to present.”

“Both instructors are interesting and knowledgeable. There is a good variety of clinical interventions and numerous teaching methods: lecture, observation, experiential – useful in personal life and other problem areas as well.”

“Instructors were available during breaks, were personable, and the course was well structured with an appropriate number and pacing of breaks. A tremendous amount of information and well-delivered.”

“I love the way the teaching was integrated with examples and interactions with group. Availability to ask questions and receive feedback! I enjoyed this and every workshop I attend with theses speakers.”

“Excellent use of personal experiences, explanation of implementation process as well as demonstration of tools. Very willing to share personal tools. Worked well as a team.”

Philosophy of this course:

This course is designed to equip the professional with the educational and experiential tools to help individuals and families decrease obesity, minimize risk and increase emotional health. It will be grounded in the only formula proven to have consistent evidenced based results: Increasing long-term nutrient dense food consumption while increasing daily activity results in outcomes consistent with weight loss, increased physical and mental health and decreased risk for disease.

To accomplish this we will teach you interventions that:

  1. Help clients change food preferences
  2. Help clients increase motivation and knowledge of how to increase daily activity
  3. Alter life-long unhealthy subconscious learnings
  4. Assist client in developing realistic perceptions
  5. Assist client in developing situational supports
  6. Assist client in drawing from already existing strengths and resources

We will draw from many therapeutic modalities, often combining them. They will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology
  2. Mindfulness Based Eating Strategies
  3. Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy
  4. Addiction Intervention Models
  5. Personal Fitness Training
  6. Behavioral Psychology

What this course will not teach you:

  1. Application of fads within the dieting or therapy community
  2. The use of supplements that replace consumption of nutrient dense foods
  3. Quick-fixes and “magical” treatments
  4. That you can eat anything and lose weight; or that you can lose weight without increasing daily activity
  5. That long term change is possible without client cooperation
  6. That you need to buy something to be successful with weight loss clients

Join us in Tampa May 3 & 4 or in Seattle, June 14-15, 2012 & learn how to apply the research-based techniques of effective therapy in counseling obese clients. Learn the Solutions To Obesity & Its Mental Health Complications and Become a Certified Bariatric Hypnotherapy and Counseling Specialist

Two full days of practical training, only $359.00! (when pre-registered) Earn 14 hours at this live event. Participants who complete additional coursework can earn certification as a Certified Bariatric Counseling Specialist. Find Permanent Solutions to Obesity & it’s Mental Health Complications.

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