Bariatric Counseling and Hypnotherapy Certification ProgramThere isn’t a better time than now, to become an ICBCH Certified Bariatric Counseling and Hypnotherapy Specialist. This class with Richard Nongard, LMFT and Roger Moore, Certified Counselor can be accessed online and worldwide by all participants. Obesity complicates & causes emotional disorders, disease and family functioning. Help your clients end the cycle of obesity & addiction to food. Master hypnotic methods of intervention based in the science of healthy weight loss. You may start or finish at anytime. The course take about 30 hours to go through all of the video and reading materials.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to structure weigh loss programs in both counseling and hypnotherapy settings
  • The specific protocols research shows to be most effective in healthy weight loss
  • Unique techniques from contextual hypnotherapy and counseling that work to create lasting change
  • You will learn how to complete a proper assessment of client needs
  • You will learn how to prevent relapse, using the Nongard-Moore Relapse Prevention Checklist
  • Processes and in-depth scripts for weight loss hypnotherapy
  • You will get the exact same content our live workshops participants received, plus additional online learning experiences – all in an interactive and easy to access format

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This Bariatric Counseling and Hypnotherapy Specialist workshop will provide you with practical skills for helping clients end food addictions, cravings that result in destructive eating patterns and help clients to adapt healthy eating habits and increase physical activity. The obese person is not to blame, but it is their problem to solve, and the helping hand of experts in change (mental health counselors and social workers) can make the difference in success or failure.

This course will award 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit for both Mental Health Professionals, Registered Nurses and Professional Hypnotherapists. You do not need previous knowledge or training in hypnosis to benefit from this class.

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