Bariatric Hypnosis - IACT-IMDHA HYPNO EXPO 2016It’s my honor to have been selected to offer a 2-day course on Bariatric Hypnosis at the 2016 IACT/IMDHA HYPNO EXPO in Daytona Beach, Florida, May 16 & 17, 2016. Professionals in private practice can increase revenue by offering all-cash weight loss treatment services and find increased opportunity in medical settings, fitness centers and corporate consulting. I have been teaching weight loss hypnosis to hundreds of people since 1997, and I am the author of the award-winning book, Becoming Slender For Life.

Obesity complicates & causes emotional disorders, disease and family functioning. Help your clients end the cycle of obesity & addiction to food. Master hypnotic methods of intervention based in the science of healthy weight loss.

Bariatric Hypnosis with Roger Moore

Understanding Food Addiction – This workshop will provide you with practical skills for helping clients end food addictions, cravings that result in destructive eating patterns and help clients to adapt healthy eating habits and increase physical activity. The obese person is not to blame, but it is their problem to solve, and the helping hand of experts in change (mental health counselors and social workers) can make the difference in success or failure.

Clinical Hypnotherapy– You will learn the most effective methods of hypnotic suggestion and what the research shows are trusted methods of hypnotic therapy. Both experienced hypnotists and those new to hypnotic intervention will learn strategies for ending the pain of obesity by creating lasting subconscious change. You will learn how to resolve blocks to success and put clients on a permanent path to wellness.

Weight Loss is a Mental Health Issue – Clients present with depression, serious medical complications, and family dysfunction. By recognizing the role of obesity in problems of self-esteem, health and families and having the tools to break the family cycle of obesity you will become a skilled helping professional, providing real solutions to families in crisis.

11 Solutions to Highly Difficult Clients – Client opposition to change occurs in every counseling modality, and these techniques, useful in overcoming the psychological and social obstacles to weight loss can also be applied to clients in every counseling situation where resistance, denial or difficulty are present.

Outcome-Based Treatment Protocols – The research tells us what works to best assist clients in making permanent change. You will learn interventions based in current psychotherapeutic trends, and develop a firm foundation for helping clients develop mindful eating patterns and increase daily activity. You will learn how to reprogram unhealthy subconscious eating patterns and replace them with new habits of wellness.

Become an Effective Example – Counselors often struggle with their own health, emotions and weight. Counselors who attend this conference will develop dynamic skills that will help them lose weight and in turn, become a professional who is able to promote change based on personal success.

NEW – Learn effective techniques to help people prepare for gastric bypass bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric band surgery

Participants of this course will learn:

  • How to structure weigh loss programs in both counseling and hypnotherapy settings
  • The specific protocols research shows to be most effective in healthy weight loss
  • Unique techniques from contextual hypnotherapy and counseling that work to create lasting change
  • You will learn how to complete a proper assessment of client needs
  • You will learn how to prevent relapse, using the Nongard-Moore Relapse Prevention Checklist
  • Processes and in-depth scripts for weight loss hypnotherapy

NOTE: You will not learn hypnosis bariatric surgery
techniques in this class.

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This class has it’s roots in the original Bariatric Counseling course that Richard Nongard and I have taught over the years. Since Richard is unable to attend the 2016 Hypno Expo, I have made some changes and updated the course content.

I was over weight/obese most of my life. Twenty years ago I lost 115 pounds and I have kept it off. I know what it is like to be obese and I know how to keep the weight off.

This course is designed to equip the professional with the educational and experiential tools to help individuals and families decrease obesity, minimize risk and increase emotional health. It will be grounded in the only formula proven to have consistent evidenced based results: Increasing long-term nutrient dense food consumption while increasing daily activity results in outcomes consistent with weight loss, increased physical and mental health and decreased risk for disease.

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