Certificate of Achievement in Contextual Hypnotherapy with Richard Nongard and Roger MooreThe Contextual Hypnotherapy Certificate of Achievement course with Richard Nongard, Alex Nongard & Roger Moore is now available for immediate access. If you have never taken a hypnosis training course, this should be your first course, it will get you on the right track and teach you how to be effective at hypnotizing others. This course is appropriate for both experienced hypnotherapists and for those new to clinical hypnosis who are looking for an empirically based methodology without regression.

The great thing about this course and the approach you will learn is that not only can you use these techniques to benefit others, you will apply each of these strategies in your own life as tools for self-discovery and personal transformation.

32 Pages of Scripts, Resources and Great Demonstrations

12 Online Training Videos

9 Hours of CEU Credit

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Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy and the ICBCH

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Do you know how to do hypnosis that focuses on the present and doesn’t spend time looking for an elusive “cause” to every problem? This is the training program that teaches you how to do effective hypnosis using an alternative modern approach that you should have in your repertoire of skills.

Even if you have never taken a hypnosis training course before, you can benefit from this course.

If you are already a hypnotist, this course will give you actionable techniques you can apply with your clients immediately that are based on integrating current psychological research with a modern approach to hypnosis.

You will get printable scripts, actionable techniques you can integrate with your own style and you will know how to answer the question, “Does hypnosis really work?” by having the citations and references backing your methods.

Certificate of Achievement in
Contextual Hypnotherapy with
Roger Moore & Richard Nongard

You will learn the 5 stages of the hypnotic process from a contextual perspective:

  • Initial assessment and rapport
  • Induction
  • Deepeners
  • Suggestive Therapy
  • Re-orientation

You will learn the specific hypnotic techniques and methods of:

  • ACT Therapy
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Solution Focused-Brief Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Most importantly, you will understand how these approaches can help you as a hypnotist and an effective helper, giving you the research and confidence to back that up.

Register now for only $99.00

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Certificate of Achievement in
Contextual Hypnotherapy with
Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

You will learn methods of induction and suggestive therapy that actually teach unique and effective problem solving methods. Every aspect of the process, from induction to re-orientation has value and purpose. You will have confidence in the process, knowing that every client will leave each session with actionable strategies for adapting to the past, building on it and maintaining change.

Plus, you will have access to a collection of video resources available immediately, that outline the value of Contextual Hypnotherapy.

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