It’s summer and the 4th of July is already next weekend, so I’m on the hunt for healthy, tasty and interesting summer recipes. I found an exciting one! BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. It’s a healthy version of the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches I grew up on as a kid.

This is a sandwich that I can envision enjoying outside on the patio with grilled corn or grilled vegetables. And, it’s a recipe I’d proudly serve to family and friends.

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit is the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

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BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

Elisabeth at says, “The jackfruit is a fruit that is native to South and Southeast Asia and is apparently quite popular in the tropical locations where it grows.  It has a really distinct flavor (kind of like a pineapple-pear combo), lots of health benefits like being rich in fiber, and earns some serious street cred for being the largest fruit to grow on a tree.

But the coolest thing about the jackfruit is that it makes the most perfect substitute for pulled pork.  I sure do I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when some vegetarian out there came up with the idea to use this crazy fruit in place of pulled pork.”

Click here for the recipe: BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

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I am thankful for the bounty of health-giving food that nature provides.

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