Slaughter houseDo you eat chicken, beef or pork? Then, don’t watch this video. It just might change your life. If you are like me, you grew up being told that you needed chicken, beef or pork for protein. I loved having bacon and eggs for breakfast, a hamburger with cheese for lunch and fried chicken or pork for dinner. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, I weighed 260 pounds had high blood pressure and I was borderline diabetic. The reality was, I was fat and sick.

I tried all the diets. I’d lose weight and put as much or more back on. My daughter-in-law talked us into trying the McDougall Plan. As long as I followed it, it worked. I lost weight and I felt amazingly good. But, I was in diet mentality and couldn’t wait to get back to my bacon cheeseburger, fries and hot fudge malt. Then, I discovered hypnosis for weight loss and soon I had a large amount of no desire for the foods that made me fat and sick. My meals became delicious plant based foods and today, 17 years later, I weigh 140 – 144 pounds. No more diets, no more high blood pressure, no more borderline diabetes.

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I’m really passionate about coaching you to make healthy lifestyle changes and I am honored and excited to now be Certified by Dr. John and Mary McDougall in The Starch Solution. In my online classes that you can view from the comfort of your home you will learn about healthy eating and you will learn how to finally put an end to the diet mentality so that you can lose weight, improve your health and be Slender For Life™. Discover how hypnosis for weight loss can work for you.

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Starch Solution by John McDougall, M.D. classes now online with Roger Moore

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