If you are human and still have a pulse, you struggle. I know that I sure do! I giggled the other day when someone was frustrated because she was using the Greatest Expression of You process throughout everyday and she still had moments when she wasn’t her Best Self.

I shared with her that I have been a counselor for almost 50 years and and I have lots of moments when I am not my Best Self. Being your Best Self is not about perfection.

In Becoming the Greatest Expression of You ~ Even When You Struggle, I wrote, “Part of the human condition is struggle. And, that’s OK too. There is a real opportunity for growth during times of struggle. Because when you allow yourself to go through the difficult times and you continue on until you come out on the other side, you achieve mastery. That is real growth.”

I know for me, that part of going through difficult times and coming out on the other side is often muddling my way through. It isn’t pretty – but the important part is coming out on the other side and learning from the lessons provided by the experience. That’s mastery!

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I allow myself to feel good being me.

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