Everyday-Stress-Can-Cause-ObesityYou can beat work stress (or any stress) in a minute or less with the mindfulness self hypnosis tools that I teach to all clients at my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis and with the clients I coach online. You can learn quick (almost instant) stress reduction techniques and the one minute Light Switch self hypnosis. Call or email me so that you can learn how how you can reduce and manage the stress in your life.

Beat Work Stress In A Minute Or Less

Huffington Post, February 24, 2014: And speaking of stress, of course, it’s not all bad. Stress can make you perform better and work harder, but sometimes too much of even “good” stress can be overwhelming. And instead of producing android-like efficiency, that stress can lead to flashing fantasies of curling into the fetal position under the desk, familiarizing co-workers with a specific finger or simply walking out the door forever.

Try these solutions below instead. These expert tips will help you find calm, focus and even a little happiness during those stressful “maybe I should just quit” moments.

  • Switch tasks
  • Help out
  • Meditate
  • Stretch
  • Move
  • Get some perspective

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Stress can be a good thing and can even save your life in an emergency. Excessive and ongoing stress weakens the immune system leaving your body ripe for illness and disease. Learn self hypnosis and other mindfulness stress reduction techniques that can improve your life and make your day better.

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With each breath I relax more and more and more.

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