Reduce emotional pain with mindfulnessLearn hypnosis for pain control for beating pain and painkillers. Nearly one-third of Americans suffering from chronic pain. Pain control hypnosis can not only lower pain but also can decrease your chances of prescription opioid misuse. If you are living with chronic pain call or email me from wherever you may be and together we can create a program for you. Find out if hypnosis pain management can work for you.

Beating pain and painkillers:
New mental intervention treatment

The new intervention, called Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement, or MORE, is designed to train people to respond differently to pain, stress and opioid-related cues.

MORE targets the underlying processes involved in chronic pain and opioid misuse by combining three therapeutic components: mindfulness training, reappraisal and savoring.

Mindfulness involves training the mind to increase awareness, gain control over one’s attention and regulate automatic habits.

Reappraisal is the process of reframing the meaning of a stressful or adverse event in such a way as to see it as purposeful or growth promoting.

Savoring is the process of learning to focus attention on positive events to increase one’s sensitivity to naturally rewarding experiences, such as enjoying a beautiful nature scene or experiencing a sense of connection with a loved one.

“Mental interventions can address physical problems, like pain, on both psychological and biological levels because the mind and body are interconnected,” Garland said. “Anything that happens in the brain happens in the body — so by changing brain functioning, you alter the functioning of the body.”

Read Beating pain and painkillers:
New mental intervention treatment

Stanford University, Mayo Clinic and others have been documenting the effectiveness of hypnotic pain control for years. If you are living with chronic pain and id you could learn hypnosis pain control to reduce your pain by 10% to 20% very quickly, would it be worth it? Of course it would! And, better yet, what if you could reduce it even more? Many Seattle hypnosis clients learn how to take the suffering out of pain and live their lives relatively pain free.

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