Beautiful Dying Expo

Join with me at the Beautiful Dying Expo in San Diego, November 2, 2019, where I get to participate on the morning panel moderated by Dr. Karen Wyatt. This panel is focused on End-of-Life Care and Comfort Measures to help ease the transition.

Beautiful Dying Expo’s mission is to expand awareness and encourage meaningful conversation, demystifying the process of dying and death by bringing industry experts together to share current tools, new ideas and resources with the public.

At the Expo you can explore the many options available today! This is a truly unique, all inclusive event for those looking to plan their final days in celebration of life!

I hope that you will click on the buttons below and consider the many opportunities that will be available to you at the Beautiful Dying Expo.

I look forward to seeing you at the End-of-Life Care and Comfort Measures morning panel.

Beautiful Dying Expo
Beautiful Dying Expo

Navigating through Life’s Journey

What can you expect?

“We hope this expo will bring you clarity and a feeling of accomplishment to make good choices for yourself and your loved ones. Come to the Beautiful Dying Expo and find ways to navigate through this journey called life.”

Panel Discussions

End of Life leaders share their perspective ~ Pioneers and thought leaders with expertise in the end of life movement will come together for lively and innovative panel discussions.

Moderated by best-selling author and End-of-Life University podcaster, Dr. Karen Wyatt, these conversations will be intriguing and keep us all engaged as we learn from the best!

End-of-Life University

I highly recommend Dr. Karen Wyatt’s  End-of-Life University podcast. They are educational, heart-warming and real talk about life and death.

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End-of-Life Care and Comfort Measures

Morning Panel

The Comfort Measures and Caring for the Dying panel features leading industry experts sharing information on how to relieve symptoms and optimize comfort as patients undergo the dying process. Care and comfort measures allows for a better quality of life at the end of life.

If you are wondering what will happen, how to give comfort, what to say, or what to do for a loved one who is dying, we encourage you to attend.

Learn how to provide end-of-life comfort in four areas – physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, spiritual issues, and practical tasks.

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