Life Happens

Recently a client and I were discussing the Greatest Expression of You process and he asked an important question. He asked, “What should I do when I’ve mentally rehearsed the events of the day but then life happens and messes with my plans.”

If you are being the Greatest Expression of You, you roll with the punches. I was reminded of the old adage, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” When you are being your greatest expression and life doesn’t go according to plans you adjust and move on.

I love it when you ask me these questions. I re-read my April 17, 2016 post Mentally rehearse being the greatest expression of you and realized that I had not discussed the distinction between Being and Doing. Questions help to bring clarity to the process, so please keep your questions and comments coming!


The Mental Rehearsal step of this process is much more about your beingness than it is the doing.

Being is the nature or essence of who you are. It’s the fundamental and essential qualities that constitute who you are.


Doing is carrying out the activities in which you engage. It’s accomplishing the business of the moment. When your sole focus is on doing the task at hand, you can become so “on task” – so focused, that you forget to be your Greatest Self. When you are being your best self you can accomplish the doing with grace, focus and precision.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I live in integrity with love, compassion and joy.

Mental Rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal is an important and powerful component to the Greatest Expression of You process. There are however, two components to this process, there is the Being and the Doing.

First, Mental Rehearsal is a step by step thought process of how you want to BE the greatest expression of you during your day. It is your chance to rehearse within the safety of your own mind living your day as your best self. It is your opportunity to practice navigating life as your Best Self. And, as I have previously stated, Being your best self allows you to role with the punches of daily life.

Secondly, Mental Rehearsal allows you to rehearse the events of the day, or even one specific event with the positive outcome that you desire. This mentally planning of events creates the neuropathways in your brain so that when it comes time for the event, you already have the road map for success.

Being and Doing

There are few things in life that you actually can control. You can’t control the weather, other people, traffic and most other events. You do have control over your thoughts and emotions. Being the Greatest Expression of You gives you the power to be in control of your own thoughts, emotions and your behavior.

To receive the most benefit from the Greatest Expression of You process you want to Mentally Rehearse Being and Doing your best self. Both are essential and valuable in Becoming the Greatest Expression of You. Being is about who you are and Doing is accomplishing your goals with grace.

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