Welcome to the Seattle Weight Loss office of Slender For Life™ and to Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy. Studies show that weight loss hypnosis significantly lowers post therapy weights and that people who use hypnosis for weight loss are more likely to keep it off. You too can lose weight with hypnosis.

I know about weight loss. I spent most of my life overweight and about 14 years ago using hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise I took off over 100 pounds and have kept it off. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set supports you in your journey of becoming slender for life – and that’s what it’s really all about. You know and I know that diets don’t work. Slender For Life™ offers you the tools to take back the power that you gave away to food, people, events and circumstances and puts you in control of what you are eating, how much you are eating and ultimately your weight.

I offer a free and no-obligation consultation. After completing the Confidential Questionnaire I review the Questionnaire with you, discuss the program with you, make sure that you are hypnotically susceptible and develop an individual program tailored to your needs.

You can learn more about Slender For Life™ by going to www.SlenderForLife.com and about hypnosis and self-hypnosis by watching Light Switch Self-Hypnosis.

The Seattle weight loss office is conveniently located in the historic and prestigious Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle next to Nordstrom’s at 509 Olive Way, Suite 1401. The Medical Dental building is easy to get to from freeways and with public transportation. Parking is easy and affordable in Pacific Place across the street between 6th & 7th and Pine & Olive.

My Bainbridge Island weight loss office is conveniently located in Winslow at 345 Knechtel Way, Suite 101.

My offices are comfortable and professional providing you with a safe and therapeutic environment to maximize your success.

So call me now at (206) 903-1232 or email me at roger@hypnosishealthinfo.com and schedule your no-charge and no-obligation consultation. You can also visit www.SlenderForLife.com to find approved Slender For Life™ coaches in other locations.

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I am becoming slender for life!

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