Becoming the Best I can Be

Someone reminded me about a post that Vicki Browning wrote almost 3 years ago called Becoming the Best I can Be. In her post, she wrote, “My journey is not complete but I am enjoying it.

If you have a pulse, your journey is not yet complete. But, are you enjoying your journey?

My very first Becoming the Greatest Expression of You post was three years ago on March 20, 2016. Many of you have privately given me feedback on how this process has changed your life. Many of you have inspired new posts.

Vicki was generous and allowed me to share her story. I’d love it if you would share yours too. You don’t have to share your name, I can post it anonymously if you’d like.  I learn from you. We learn from each other.

Your story on Becoming the Best I can Be doesn’t have to be a best selling book. It can be 2 or 3 sentences or 2 or 3 pages.

So please, email me your story about your journey. If it is OK for me to share it, please let me know that too and let me know if you want your name used or keep it anonymous.

And, be sure to click on the button and read about Vicki’s journey, I can do that.


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I am enjoying becoming my best me.

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