Enthusiasm is another important component to Becoming the Greatest Expression of You. I’ve often talked and written about the importance of joy, but only recently have I acknowledged the significance of enthusiasm.

Client sessions, both in my offices and online have become my best classrooms for my own learning. I learn from each client session and I love that.

Recently, a man was sharing with me about how his relationship with his wife has transformed from one of bickering, hurt and disappointment to one of love and caring. How did he do that? By using the Greatest Expression of You process that I teach to all clients.

As he shared, I clearly heard the excitement in his voice. He told me about how he uses the process throughout the day and twice he used the word enthusiasm. He enthusiastically mentally rehearsed being his Greatest Expression. And, with enthusiasm he used self-hypnosis to remind himself of who it is he is becoming.

His choice of words caught my attention and caused me to sit up. His excitement and enthusiasm was captivating.

What I realized was that enthusiasm is another powerful emotion to help wire new neurons together. Doing so, you can create new thoughts, new emotions and new behavior.

When I was searching for what I could find on enthusiasm and neuroplasticity, I was please to find To Harness Neuroplasticity, Start with Enthusiasm. I encourage you to click on the link and read the whole article.


Build your brain

Neuroscience has shown that you are the architect and builder of your own brain. Your brain is continually altering its structure, cell number, circuitry and chemistry as a direct result of everything you do, experience, think and believe.

The Greatest Expression of You process is a purposeful and disciplined practice to create the changes in your life that you want. To change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors requires intentional focused thought coupled with genuine emotion.

You see, most of us routinely think the same thoughts, perform the same actions, and yet expect something different to show up in our lives. This has also been called the definition of insanity.

We now know, thanks to neuroscience that you can change this. When you repeatedly think new thoughts with new powerful emotion, you fire and wire new neurons and create a new you. And, when you stop those old thoughts that do not serve you, those neurons separate and the old thoughts, emotions and behaviors are no longer an issue.

When you enthusiastically use the Greatest Expression of You process, you can create real and positive changes in your life.


“Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

To Harness Neuroplasticity, Start with Enthusiasm

From SharpBrains by: , January 31, 2012: The implications of neuroplasticity are enormous: we have the ability to keep our brains sharp, effective and capable of learning new skills well into our 90s, if we protect our brains from damaging habits and give them ongoing stimulation and appropriate fuel. One way to illustrate this is to think of the brain and mind as a large boat, complete with captain and crew, sailing the ocean blue.

Based on the analogy of boat, captain and crew, the following is an overview of how we can boost our brains.

  1. Don’t damage the boat.
  2. Dock the boat in stimulating surroundings.
  3. Fuel it the finest.
  4. Keep the cargo light.
  5. Run the motor.
  6. Learn the ropes and keep on learning.
  7. Sail to new shores.
  8. Use it or lose it.
  9. Train it and regain it.
  10. Charge the battery.
  11. Connect with fellow travelers.
  12. Choose the destination.
  13. Command the crew.
  14. Communicate gratitude.
  15. Practice perfectly.
  16. Bon voyage!

Read To Harness Neuroplasticity, Start with Enthusiasm

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I live each moment with enthusiasm!

John lost weight

 Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss clients learn the Greatest Expression of You process. One client, who I am referring to as “John” has struggled with weight all his life. John had tried all the diets and failed, was 100 pounds over weight, had high blood pressure and diabetes.

Food was John’s drug of choice. Anytime he felt stress or was upset, he turned to food.

John quickly realized that his Best Self only ate healthy food when he was truly physically hungry. Being his Best Self, he allowed himself to feel and experience all his emotions and move through and beyond them. His Best Self did not nor would no try to numb out from his emotions.

John has been letting go of weight with Slender For Life™ for the past 9 months. He is now less than 18 pounds from his goal weight. He is off all medications and his blood pressure and blood sugars are within healthy normal limits.

John feels confident that using the self-hypnosis weight loss hypnosis tools that he has learned along with the Greatest Expression of You process he will remain slender for the rest of his life.

NOTE: Individual results may vary.

Mary no longer has type 2 diabetes

Mary (another pseudonym) could hardly contain her excitement. She had been to her medical doctor the day before our appointment and she told Mary that she is no longer diabetic.

Obesity was not Mary’s problem. When we met, she was maybe 5 pounds overweight and that was not the cause of her diabetes. She was however, eating the Standard American Diet. Processed food and Diet Coke were her mainstays.

She was also experiencing stress and anxiety and experienced occasional panic attacks.

Through our work together, she educated herself on whole plant-based food, she learned self-hypnosis for stress reduction and she committed to the Greatest Expression of You Process.

In less than 3 months, Mary no longer has type 2 diabetes. She is eating healthy, exercising and is intentionally focused on living her life as her best self.

Mary giggled when she told be that a box of doughnuts in the staff lounge at work caught her attention. She recalled the joy of being her best self and kept on walking – not giving the doughnuts another thought.

NOTE: Individual results may vary.


Are you ready to become your best self?

This is my 24th post on the Becoming the Greatest Expression of You process. I’ve been developing and teaching this process for the past 3 years and it’s built upon my  past 40 years of professional experience.

Using this process, people are creating more happiness, joy, health and wellness in their lives.

I invite you to read all 24 posts and use this process to become Your Best Self.

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