What’s your journey?

I love it when people share with me their journey to Becoming the Greatest Expression of You.

Early last week, Vicki Browning shared with me that she was feeling discouraged because she was tired after walking 17 miles in one day.

At age 80, she is training for the Susan Komen 3-day 60 mile Walk for the Cure. I am filled with admiration, respect and gratitude for her commitment and dedication to this cause.

I must admit, I did chuckle, at the fact that she was tired after walking so far in one day. My response was, “You should be.” After walking that far, it is very natural, normal and OK to be tired. What’s important is that she was back walking the next day.

I encouraged Vicki to remember her own Greatest Expression of Self when she felt tired and discouraged. Being her best self, she can acknowledge that she is legitimately tired and also have the joy and confidence that she is achieving her goal.

Vicki very graciously agreed to share her story, so please continue reading.

If you are willing to share your own journey, please email it to me.

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I love meeting my goals and reaching to accomplish my best.

Becoming the Best I Can Be

It’s all about the journey

by Vicki Browning

“Weighing my ideal weight, feeling fit and liking who I am are all part of the journey. I enjoy a plant based diet and attribute my good health to my life style.

My diet is a big part of my life style and so is my attitude. When people say they can’t give up cheese I just smile. Life is full of choices and I wonder if cheese is as important as a healthy life but that might just be me.

I walk 6 to 8 miles and sometimes 10 or 12 and people say they couldn’t do that and I say, “Sure you could if you trained for it.” My journey is about staying in condition so I can take a walk when I want to. If I stay in shape and continue to be active I can continue to travel, go on cruises and do the things I enjoy because I have the physical ability.

When I was 76 I walked 60 miles to raise awareness about breast cancer and to raise money for research for breast cancer.  Now I am 80 and about to do it for the second time. My mother died at age 80 from breast cancer and I am walking in her memory and raising $8,000 for the Susan G. Komen fund raiser.

My journey includes my choice of friends as well as what I do to keep physically fit. I like to help others and I like being around others helping others. That’s why I enjoyed teaching before I retired and why I enjoy volunteering at the local food bank and why I like to encourage others to reach their goals. That’s why I love being a mother and a grandmother and a great grandmother.

I don’t listen to radio or watch a TV show if I wouldn’t want them in my living room. I like to read books about people who overcome obstacles. I like reading about the people who made the journey across the country in a covered wagon. The journey was hard but what an accomplishment. I enjoy watching sports because athletics is about being the best you can be. I enjoy the Special Olympics because the joy of accomplishment is so apparent.

My journey is not complete but I am enjoying it.”

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