How will you be in this world?

Last Sunday’s “I can do that” post generated stimulating conversations this week about managing expectations. The Greatest Expression of You process is not about magical thinking. It is all about your attitude – your beingness. Being your best self, you are managing your expectations.

When you mentally rehearse your day or a specific event, you are rehearsing how you will show up and be in this world. You are not planning a chain of events exactly as you want them to happen.

Do you want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!

Magical thinking is planning an event exactly as it will go and expecting it to turn out exactly as you had wanted. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly value in mentally rehearsing the details of an event as you want them. It can help you through the event or even improve your golf swing.

But just because you mentally rehearsed winning the lottery doesn’t mean that you will – especially if you don’t buy a ticket.

You can however, mentally rehearse the details of an event with an attitude of gratitude and allow for things to be different and even better. Sometimes when you plan for a new white Ford you actually get a slightly used red Mercedes. What you received was different than your plan, but it was bigger and better!

Mental Rehearsal

When you mentally rehearse your day or an event, you are laying a plan with your goal in mind. Throughout your day as you act on this plan, there are twists and turns. It’s not your job to force it or control it.

Your job is to create it and then to make course adjustments that lead you to your goal. If you are inflexible and refuse to go with the flow, if you refuse to make course adjustments, you get stuck in the ditch.

managing expectations
managing expectations

Being your best self

Greatest Expression of You really is all about your beingness. It is about your attitude in life. It is about how you show up in your life. Show up in your life BEING your best self with gratitude, with giving thanks.

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You

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managing expectations

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